Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New 2010

Round up yur posse gals.....a new year is a comin'!!
Lace up your corsets and powder your nose.
Don't forget the spurs, the fancies will do fine for a night on the town.
Now, be safe and kick up yur heels once last time for 2009!
Don't forget where you parked your horse and make it safe back to the corral.
We'll see ya back here next year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A white Christmas in our neck of the woods high plains, is quite rare. We were blessed with beautiful snow, but I'd pass on the blizzard winds next time! Brrrr, it was freezing and we lost power AND internet service! Oh my! We got power back in a few hours, but the internet??.....not for 4 lonely and very quiet days. Alas, we are back in the cyber world today.
The 'down' time allowed us to relax and enjoy the moment by the fireside. I contemplate so many blessings in my life. As this new year is on our doorstep....I am THANKFUL.
I am Thankful for our Saviour that affords us the hope for eternal salvation.
I am sending forth good wishes and tidings to all my friends. It is the time to spend with friends and family and rekindle relationships. Cherish your moments and share your love openly.
I reflect on my family angels more now than ever. My daughter is a Blessing to me every day. Her humor keeps me entertained and her down to earth responsibility makes me so very proud. My son has served 3 tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and has returned home to continue his service stateside. He has a beautiful family and has blessed us with a most entertaining grand-daughter. I admire his Honor and Duty to family and country.
My Dear Husband is my soul-mate. I am happy to share our time together.
Just thoughts passing through and reflections I wanted to share as
we begin a Happy New Year!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Blue Monday

It's not what you think. I'm not all sad and hanging around all down in the mouth. But, instead celebrating more blue that entered my house. I have a definite sumpin, sumpin for blue and then if it is glass or breakable in any manner, it seems to find it's way home with me.
My dear grandmother gave me a set of dishes in this pattern as a wedding gift many years ago. I have managed to slowly deplete a few of the pieces through daily use. I was doing a happy dance when I saw a box full of these pieces for a price that would make you sing. I will still be searching for the dinner plates.

Since we are talking tableware, I'll pass on our etiquette tip for today:
  • Never tip a plate or a glass to obtain the last atom of its contents.
  • Avoid looking over the top or rim of cup or glass while drinking, and do not gulp a beverage down as though famished. The lips should be carefully wiped before drinking to avoid leaving the marks of greasy lips on the rim of glass or goblet. Wipe the lips after drinking milk, cocoa, or chocolate. So, I see smoothies and coffee are exempt?
(obtained from a handbook published by the Association of Women Students and Self-Governing Association of Texas Technological College,1938)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Aprons at attention

More booty from a great sale has made it's way out of a box. There are aprons everywhere now. Starch and sizing and a super hot steam iron made a few of these beauties stand to attention. Ironing is definitely not my most fav pastime, but is sorta relaxing in a mundane way. I had flashbacks to the 60's when my mother ironed all evening during tv time.
Expecting to just have a dozen total, I was shocked when the final count was 29! A few were old skirts that had been re-fitted into new duty and then flour sack fabrics and other misc. goodness. The majority were definitely work aprons and had seen their share of it. There were only 2 full aprons and one of those was for a child with the cutest raggedy ann and andy print. The pink roses is a sweet one and fits very nicely. It may stay in my kitchen for a while.
The cutest one of the lot was the red stripe with the adorable pockets. They say it ALL folks!!

BEFORE the kids and chores she had time to gussy up a bit and I am sure Mr. Husband always brought home a bouquet of flowers!.....and, oh that a box of CHOCOLATES??
AFTER.....this tells it like it is.
I can imagine she is greeting him at the door in DESPERATION! You've got to hand it to him though....he is still smiling and bringing her goodies,
even if it is the groceries.
Excerpt from 'As We Like It' for accepted social usage at the table.
Do not employ both hands in eating. Keep one hand or the other in the lap a good part of the time. Ummmmm, really?
Do not gesticulate with the silver. OK, I'm out with that one! haha, I thought a fork was to help orchestrate the conversation! How many demerits would I have collected?!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Silver and other wild things

It is looking like a zoo of wild animal prints everywhere in the sweatshop! A friend ordered these cute little pillows for a show in Amarillo. They say Dear Santa and have a pocket to stash a letter to Santa.
And if cheetah isn't your cat's is some zebra. These would be so cute tucked into the tree at Christmas. They could hold $$$ or gift cards also. If you are thinking you need one, check things out with Missy at Redford Ranch Style. She is setting up a booth for a Christmas show and then the World Ranch Rodeo Finals in Amarillo. Her shop in Benjamin has tons of cute items. If you are ever through that part of Texas, just stop in and browse all her goodies.
For the garage sale fun in my life...this is only a very small portion of a terrific haul I made recently. I am such a sucker for silver and then if you throw in some cobalt blue...SOLD!!! I also scored on a box full of vintage aprons. They are presently in the wash and I'll share them a bit later. They sooooo do not appreciate being photographed all wet and drippy!
There were also sack fulls of vintage kitchen items, dishes, holiday decor.....Hmmmm. I think I need to keep unpacking and taking some more pics to share.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tricky Treat

Here's a treat for you! It was a shock for me though. The whole story...this is the first coconut pie I have ever made from scratch...Totally bare bones, do it all myself. I used my dear grand-mother's recipe and it came out perfectly. I did forget to prick my crust and it shrunk. The other one I did remember, but the DH and my dad inhaled it before I thought to get a pic.

My grandmother used to make a coconut pie for my dad every time he made a touchdown in high school. She baked a LOT of pies.

Enjoy this Halloween and be careful of the goblins.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Garden Goodies

A study in green today for all of you. The green beans are doing well and this is my morning chore and will be for several days.
This day ended up being ALL green and I couldn't resist the pic of all the yumminess and richness of the same color.Recently, I came across an old booklet of 'suggestions' for the new Texas Tech coed. We must keep in mind this booklet was published in the 1930's. There are suggestions about personal appearance, courtesy, and the house rules of the dormitories among other tidbits of information for the well-rounded young lady. I'm not talking about a gal who's been eating too many Twinkies either! I will try to remember to add a couple of these tidbits to my blog occasionally for an added chuckle...or two.
The first page even starts off with a bang letting the gal know that what she needs to bring for a COMPLETE wardrobe is 2 skirts, 3 sweaters and 2 or 3 'wash' blouses. I've never heard that term before, but I can bet the sales clerk at the boutique would do a double take if I go in and ask to see their 'wash' blouses!! It goes on to let you know to use your discretion and get these in colors that will harmonize as to create several different costumes. OK, now I know I'll need a party hat NOW!! In the first place I can't see girls today taking so few items! Another tidbit of info that hasn't changed at all is the head's up about Lubbock weather. It states clearly that the changes in Lubbock weather are swift and you may find it necessary to carry a heavy coat to put on before the game is over. That nails it on the head for sure. I've always laughed at how we wear our coats over a layer of shorts and tank tops around here!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st birthday yumminess

I will share some cuteness with everyone. The Sweet One just had a birthday and wanted to share some smiles. You can trust me to share that those attentive eyes are looking at that camera and figuring just how to get it out of Mommy's hands AND how to use it.
And since you stopped by for a chit chat, she'll share some of her mooshed cupcake with you!
Thanks for coming to the party and hope to see ya soon!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lurking pays off

I was lurking around blogland today and came across the neatest blog. I don't do scrapbooking per se, but you wouldn't know it by looking at my supplies! I have a LOT and constantly accumulate more...anyway...I digress here to send you to Keepsakes by Melissa. She has a lot of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. Enjoy.

P.S. - I forgot the most important part! There is an awesome giveaway also!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Finds

My dear Sister in Law came for a visit and we toured the area for some general antiquing. We both found some great deals at an antiques mall. I fell in love with the cruet set. The silver base is really nice and I am going to find some new liners or something to fit in them. The original bottles are chipped and the stoppers aren't original, but they are still useable in another life. It will eventually hold smalls on my worktable.
The black amethyst pieces were my horray, happy dance purchase. All of them were super good prices and I found them all in the same mall. That is a real shocker, because these pieces are getting harder for me to find . The silver ice bucket was a real score also and the original glass liner was still intact and in terrific condition. I actually may use it too. I love the little sugar bowl and I think I have a small juice pitcher that will match it. Now to find the creamer...another junkin trip around the corner perhaps!
As I was trying to escape without another handful of stuff, I spied this little vinegar and oil set. It tied my white milk glass collection and my black amethyst together quite well. We definitely closed down the place that afternoon and had a terrific time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Way back last fall, I was soooo lucky and I won a contest at Junk Camp. This little beauty was my entry for re-purposed goodies. Ki Nausauer awarded me a gift certificate to spend at Junk Revolution. After much nail-biting and hem-hawing, I could no longer resist the messenger bag and the book, Decorating Junk Market Style.
I also picked up a typewriter key with my initial that I forgot to put in the quit looking at the photo with your magnifying glass!! I love it and intend to add a couple of other goodies to the necklace to keep it company. OH,oh,oh...and I also purchased one of the t-shirts. I almost forgot about that one only because I am sitting here wearing it as I type. DOH!! It is so soft and comfy. Loving it tons.
It just goes to never know when LUCK will cross your path. Ain't I the lucky dog. You must jump over to visit Ki at her blog and check things out.

Friday, July 31, 2009

yummy to the tummy

Come on over for a slice of birthday cake. All I can say though had better hurry. This cake is going, going......almost gone! What would we do without birthdays to justify making a yummy cake, AND eating it all up. This year the DH had a few guests to share his chocolate cake and it wasn't just the two of us. Thank Goodness.
Other goodness that you can share in, but you had better hurry on this one also...The Polka Dot Barn is having a terrific giveaway. Go throw your name in the comment section for a chance at a really cute banner. Git on over there now, ya here. But don't forget to come on back here for a chit chat occasionally. I promise I will blog more often....PROMISE.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is it?

Do you ever pick up something at a sale and buy it for curiosities sake?
Well, this is my What'sIt. They are small crocheted little tabs and one had a little safety pin attached. Hmmm.....these have had me puzzled for a bit. If you have an idea, please send it...enquiring minds want to know.
Perhaps when I can free my mind from this dilemma, I can continue to blog or upload pics or even just think creatively. That's waaaayyy to much for one mind to handle. Haha!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Corny goodness and other good stuff

I had the most terrific news this past week. I had received this awesome and inspiring magazine from The Vintage Studio. I was doing a happy dance for winning this totally cool gift. I have nearly read all the words and pictures off the pages. Thank you Sharon!!
The garden is in full swing and we definitely reap the benefits daily. DH harvested a few ears of corn the other day that were so yummy. There is nothing like fresh corn on the cob. We have some form of squash daily and will have to begin to put up some in the freezer before long. And then we have peppers....and more peppers....and....oh well, you get the picture. ONE pepper plant alone could feed the community and we have several. UGH.
The corn stalks are always so pretty at this point and the DH insisted I get in the picture. I prefer to hide among the stalks with Chester The Cat.

This is my chore this morning. Putting up this first cutting of corn. Most of it is perfect and won't be cut off the cob.

Monday, July 13, 2009

junkin around

I have a goldmine of cool stuff right under my nose. And what a goldmine it is!! My neighbor has opened the doors on an old house that stores all her treasures. She has a lot of goodies for sale and the prices are awesome. This collection has amassed from family, friends, estate sales and auctions and maybe even a ditch or two. Here is a shot of just one corner of the kitchen and out of sight is a great collection of buffalo china and Hull pottery and some of the other brown pottery pieces. I am not so proficient on knowing all the names of the pieces.
In the living room is this armoire filled with more yummy stuff. The armoire has beautiful doors that we have temporarily removed for display purposes. Don't worry, that floor really isn't quite that crooked and things aren't sliding out the back door. I will try and concentrate on close-up pics next time I get over there.
These old doors put together are perfect for display and are still a work in progress because we have ideas of cutting out a couple of panels perhaps.
This is only a taste of all the delicacies offered and I promise to get some better pics that can show off the variety available. I know Dougherty (in the panhandle) is on everyone's path to nowhere. So, when you drive on through or are planning to visit our little bump in the road as your 'go-to' place.....just call and my neighbor will be glad to open up the doors, since there aren't regular hours. It is a catch, as catch can situation so calling ahead is most important.
Oh yea, and her name? Well, I'll go ahead and share that info too...since you insist....
Tomi Covington
call ahead to visit:
Antiques and other Cool Stuff

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today, I grabbed the ole keyboard and am doing some dusting. You say...Keyboard?, she's crazy? Of course, but I have so neglected this posting spot of insanities. I will lay some blame on having severe difficulties on posting pics. Blogger is fighting me on every pic! Ugh! Or could it be the Vista that I am not used to on the new computer? Yeeeaahhhh, that's the ticket! I miss XP, mainly because I am an old dog that isn't so adept at learning a new trick. I digress from my complaining to share some cool things I uncovered out of an old box. It has been stashed in storage and never cleaned up to see what I had, until now. I found a lot of old movie star photos with signatures. Someone really had a hobby going here collecting these promotion pics. I can't believe how well preserved they have remained under the layers of dust! That now validates why I DON'T dust my house. I am saving my furniture for posterity. haha, we'll see how long that excuse plays.
And then we have the tiered serving cart. I picked it up at an estate sale and it is in mint condition. I would have loved to load up the building that it was stored in also because it was extremely well organized. Alas, my car has a limit to what I can stuff in it. I just love this cart for it's lovely pale yellow. I know it will be a workhorse for me holding supplies. The large cookie tins on the bottom will be painted and probably monogrammed. I think that is project #2,357, just in case you're counting.
I hope to see y'all SOONER than later.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New additions

Saturday, my garage saleing (sp?) buddy and I went to a neighboring town to check out a sale that had already been shopped over the day before, but this estate had so much stuff you wouldn't have known this was the 2nd day of shopping heaven. There was a ton of stuff and I was in a sensory overload from the minute I went through the door. I am so excited to share my greatest find yet! On the floor, partially tucked under a table was the most unassuming little black box. It is the newest baby of my collection. As if the 3 on my sewing table right now are not enough and the other 4 that I own needed company....sheesh. But this one is special because it will be dedicated to my quilt piecing. It has just the cutest carrying case and perfect for transporting to classes. I had never paid much attention to these little work horses called Featherweights, but I'm in the club of ownership now. Yeah for me.

Then we take a gander here at the silvery and shiny stuff...The oval platter is a nice large size with an art deco motif and is a heavy aluminum I think. The covered server is in the most excellent condition and I loved the beaded edging on that piece. Then there is the silver footed platter.

I must be a magpie at heart because I am so attracted to shiny things. I love silver trays and have several stacked up already. There were a few other trays at the sale, but I really exercised self-control and just brought these few home. This one got the cut because it was footed. A little polish and it will be a real show off.
This is a sewing box I scored at a sale a couple of weeks ago. It was packed with goodies inside and was just like Christmas going through all of it. It had several marking pens for fabric that aren't in the pic because they have already found a home at my work table.

Just looking at this cute basket makes you want to mend something......or not. At least it will look adorable while waiting to be put to a good use when needed.
I did take more pics of the other goodies, but Blogger is challenging me on every photo upload.  More at another time.
A footnote:  It is funny how I was just fixin' to publish this post the other day when the phone rang which led to dinner out for father's day, then a nice visit afterward.  Then, unexpected and terrific surprise company that dropped in and ended up with an overnight visit.  And all the while I am gathering stuff for my trip away for the next week.  May I emphasize Chaotic??!!!  understatement, for sure!  haha, but I scrounged this post up from the drafts and finally can share it.  Enjoy, and I can't wait to post about the Paper Cowgirl retreat in Waxahachie this weekend.  Check ya later, alligator.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Next Verse, Same Song?

I have another chapter in the "why I've been gone so long" saga. I had mentioned that I was able to swerve by a couple of garage sales. That was besides the one I helped with in Justin with my dear SIL. I had snagged the berry basket for just pennies and then hit the mother load of flatware for just a tad bit of elbow grease to uncover the treasure. Phew! It is a complete set..nearly..just short a couple of pieces. Shockeroo. I will clean several of these pieces up and probably use them. Now, the piece in question is the wooden plaque thingy with the swivel hooks. I am assuming it is a tie holder in it's original life? If you have another tidbit of info, I would appreciate the heads up. My favorite find is the pair of sconces. One is missing the center nut cover, but I am sure there is some decorative alternative to fill in the void. I love the plug in outlet on each one. I am thinking I will be using these in a farm house redo I have on the back burner of my 1000 projects.
In the stop by my house to repack my bags for another road trip...I had a package waiting and it was this awesome charm. Tina Wright made these and sent them to the first few registrants for the Paper Cowgirl retreat. This is a great prelude to a great weekend that is just around the corner and down the road. Yee Haw!
It got a bit dark before I could gather up all the other garage sale goodies. I will corral those and snag a pic tomorrow and share some more goodies.
Thanks for stopping by y'all!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Long time, no see

Hi again, after a long break from blogging...I'm back. It was never intentional y'all to be away for so long, but ya just never know how life can get so busy. So, to catch you up on the first chapter....I went to North Carolina and helped the dear son and his dear family relocate. I're wondering if I loaded that entire truck myself! haha, of course not, I had help. After a long day of packers and movers, it was bittersweet to see the household rolling on down the road. But a new horizon was in sight. The big truck found it's way to Texas. Another few days and things were in order at the new address. We really lucked out to have such awesome good weather at both ends of the move.
The dear grand-daughter found time to settle into her pool and cool off after working so hard to supervise us all to do our jobs. That job being to pay total attention to her. haha. What a chore that one was!! I can't complain about that job at all.
The dear one flew home with Grandma while the parents drove the trip to TX. That would have to be another chapter in itself. That baby loves to travel and entertain and now has a fan club.
Amidst all the moving about, I did find time to hit a few garage sales and I will try to post some of those goodies ASAP. Stay tuned for the next chapter.....Sooner than later I hope....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

garage sale heaven

OMG!!! I am helping my dear SIL with a major garage sale this weekend and you don't want to miss it. If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area....this is a MUST SEE to believe. She is liquidating years and years of her mother's household. Gals, there is Christmas galore and a lot of the vintagey stuff that is fun and the newer items that are great to 'alter'. Did I mention china? If you have been wanting christmas china, now is the time to grab it. They are octogan shapes with a tree in the center. So pretty. Then kitchenware that will make your eyes pop out. I am talking about some of the good stuff too. I have never seen so much office supplies. I think even the office supply stores would think this sale is competition. haha. I am so excited about the really nice items that she has out on the tables for cheap. CHEAP!!! as in the "I can't believe it!"
OK, I am so excited that I can't even count how many bksp corrections I have just made and hope spell check doesn't shut down on me. Sorry I don't have any pics, but I didn't bring my camera connection thingys to download them.
Come to this address on Friday and Saturday.....125 Honeysuckle Dr. in Justin, TX. It isn't too far away from the Speedway. I hope to see y'all here.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

transplanted Texan

Hello to everyone from North Carolina!  I am here to help the favorite son and his family get on the move to San Antonio.  Things are exciting and exhausting at the same time with packing prep and an 8 month old toddling afoot.  That baby girl is just the best helper and especially when you need the just-folded towels undone.  I've always said that a towel folded twice is twice as nice. Dear grand-daughter and I will fly back to Texas in a few days while the parents tie up the loose ends and make that long drive.  Phew, I opt for the flying time any day over the drive they have ahead of them.  
Well gals,  I just had to touch base and see what was going on and i will post pics soon.  Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I am dreaming of this......
Didn't you just love the hotel pool when you traveled? But not the waiting for 1 hour after you ate before you could jump in for some more fun! Go figure on that rule.
I am covered up AGAIN with another sewing project. Window valances for 4 large windows. I will check in and resume regular posting one of these days. Keep blogging and lurking in the meantime. I'll catch up soon.