Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She's an angel

Angels from heaven have joined us in the form of our grandchild.  She weighed in at 7 1/2 lbs and 20.2"  She was here a week earlier than anticipated and we were driving from Texas flatlands to the North Carolina mountains.  What a contrast that terrain is!!  Back to the sweet grandbaby.....we arrived at the hospital just as she was born and just in the nick of time to ooh and ahh.  All is well and NOW we begin our sleepless nights for a while.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Giving Thanks

Tonight, my son will be home from Afghanistan for a small snippet of time. His first child will arrive soon and we are so blessed with so many great and wonderful happenings.

I reflect on when both my children came into this world. An awesome moment to be sure that can't be duplicated on any level. They have grown into terrific adults that make me very proud.

It is a frantic push here at the bump in the road to get things done. DH is mowing the lawn and I am surfing the web. hmmm, that doesn't seem productive....ok, I'll get up and finish my To Do List in a bit. I have actually placed a few things in the car...very few. Tomorrow will be frenzy day. woohoo. I am so excited to get on the road.

remember it is the Simple Pleasures that are Life's Treasures.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The strand

Long time, no type. We made a quick trip to Houston this past weekend. When one is THAT close to the coast...then, why not go there!! We zipped down to Galveston before jetting back home. Strolled down The Strand and grabbed a few pics of the awesome architecture. I love all the details in the railing with the Texas stars. What that pic doesn't show is the intense heat of the day...Wowza. We're used to the heat around here, but not that crazy humidity. The DH and family rested at the candy/soda shoppe while I walked down the promenade. The selection of candies are mouth-watering, but I opted for the hand-dipped Pecan Praline ice cream to cool down a bit. Wish you could have come along for some snaps and snacks.

We will be heading out this weekend to welcome the sweet baby due to arrive this next week. My son/father-to-be is headed home as I type and that plane can't fly fast enough to suit the mother-to-be. I will have baby pics to post soon as any grandma is supposed to do.

This new arrival has become a high-risk situation and will be a C-section. All prayers and good thoughts sent in their direction will be welcome.

Final thought - Love is the shortest distance between two hearts.

Monday, August 11, 2008

vintage Cat

I came across this precious vintage pic. The little black kitty has that same scaredy cat look as our Chester kitty. We are working on a photo session with Chester. She is such a camera hog and has to get right into the lense to see how it is working. Hard to take the perfect shot. I sort through all the shots to select the best one because most are a blur of speed. That cat is fast.
It is hard to believe we are into August. Our first grand-daughter will make an appearance by the end of the month. We are anticipating a road trip soon to be there for her grand entrance. Equal in importance is seeing my son and his precious wife. He is granted a short leave to be home from Afghanistan for this arrival of his firstborn. A mini family reunion and a chance to celebrate our birthdays all together. The nearly 1500 miles between us is going to seem even further after that precious baby arrives. I can see our frequent flyer miles adding up again.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paintin gourds

In our part of Texas, you can feel the cool fall approaching. The temps are staying below 100 and there is a hint of cool. I suspect that may be the air conditioning whooshing through the front door to the porch, but that's beside the point. It's still coolness upon our sweaty brow.
We tested our gourd-growing abilities and met with some amount of success. I have been paintin up some of them. I love the fall and halloween and I am trying to get a few gourds slapped with color. Every year at this time, I get to planning my annual Halloween Party. Now, you must know that I have yet to actually have this party. But, I still add to the plans and anticipate the day I will be able to put this baby together. I want some of these cutie gourds around the place. I just am so busy in the fall and time gets away and then Christmas is barking at my door!!! I am making plans anyway and imagine all the great fun I shall have.
Here is scary pumpkin and he is wondering where that ghost went. I am going to see how Chester Cat will be at posing with some of these pieces and will post soon. I may put some of these on Etsy or just email to purchase.
Enjoy the day and just plan a party and all the guests and laughter.