Friday, April 30, 2010

Now it's paper dolls!

I have been revisiting a most favorite childhood past time.  Paper dolls! but these are paper dolls on steroids.  These gals are going overboard on their outfits and all because of a swap that happens at Paper Cowgirl in Waxahachie in June.  Yippee.  The teachers and their classes are awesome and the swaps are like a bonus gift.
I joined the paper doll swap and these past couple of days I have started knocking them out. Haha, well by the looks of the body parts scattered about, it does look as if I have been knocking someone over the head all over my art table.
Then you have to understand there is torture involved.  Be still you paper hand or I'll clamp you with a  clothespin.
Oh my, now what shoes for the occasion?!!!  I may need to go shopping for just the right pair.  Who carries 1" size?
Trims and tassels will be involved....OF COURSE!
One gal is dressed down to her boots.  Good shoe choice!  Comfy and ready to hit the dance floor.

I have created a rat's nest of a work area now and I still have several dolls to complete.  At this point, nearly all of my supplies are OUT and around me.  I have to be careful how I even roll my chair back and take a step because of the craziness.  It may take me a couple of days to just find my way out of my studio space so just deliver food and water for now.  I'm off to play with my dollies.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Creating a Posie

I am gardening with my sewing machine this past week.  I have joined a swap that requires a hand created bloom.  There are several prototypes in my 'garden' work table and I can't decide which direction to go.  I like this one, but am limited on the vintage pins that go in the center, so that element will require a plan B.  I have been known to resort to plan W in the past!  We may be on our way here again. 
I layered silks, chiffons, tulle netting and lace and anchored with freeform stitching.  I am going to explore a few other options....such as something I can do with my/our Cricut Expressions.  I hope I can cut fabrics with it and that will be an experiment high on my list.  This new toy needs some play time dedicated to it and my schedule isn't allowing a lot of that.  A gal has got to have her afternoon naps!!  The Sweet One got me in that habit.  Ha ha, blame it on the grandchild.  Bad grandma! 
Glad you made a quick hop over here for my quick post.  Come back again...ya hear?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sparkley Things

I know Spring is upon us because all these flowing, sparkling dresses arrive at my doorstep for a helping hand.  Prom is around the corner and I love to see what the gals have selected for this years entrance.  Multicolor ensembles will seem to rule the evening I think and I LUV it.
This one just escaped my sewing machine this week.  Wowza, talk about needing the sunglasses while putting the rhinestones back on this one!  These gals will model these and send pics after prom, so come back for an ooh and ahh.
These little sparkleys are from my craft table.  I discovered some of these gems in a hidden drawer and I perked them up with some love of sorts.  This is my kind of spring cleaning.  I work on making a completed project as opposed to a miscellany of components.  I feel like I've cleared out stuff when in reality...NOT happening.  I just get it repurposed to display instead. 
Oh my, I think this is some form of denial..but I refuse to accept that!  haha.
Another spring cleaning item was this zipper from an old something or felt like it should be a rose in it's makeover. 
I'm off to the studio to create another mess. 
And I just have a quick tidbit..don't craft with permanent inks just before church.  It ruins the manicure and looks like some incurable disease!  Just thought you'd wanna know.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


The flowers are blooming in my studio. 
I love it even though they are organza.
A few nights ago, I revisited a craft I did almost 20 yrs ago.  It's no secret that I sew...A LOT!!  I work on special occasion dresses and I have all these scraps of organza, silks and chiffons.  I can't throw away these precious scraps because there might be the perfect craft project to use them up.  I am soooooo not one to waste anything if I can help it, hence...clutter Supplies are everywhere!
I just made a dive into a bundle of pink organza and started cutting out circles.  You don't have to be precise and just concentrate on 3 or 4 graduated sizes.  The edges of these blooms are then passed above a candle flame. 
Keep the fabric about an inch or so above the flame and keep the heat at the edges of the circle.  You need to be very careful, FIRST to NOT burn your fingers, SECOND to not burn up the fabric.  Once the heat is applied, the fabric will curl up along the edges.  This process can happen very fast.  Now is not the time to multi-task!
After there is a good assortment of petals, layer 3+ graduated sizes on top of each other to create a flower.  Use a fine needle with coordinating thread and take a couple of stitches in the center to join the layers.  Tie a knot...VOILA!!  You have a bloom.  Add pearls, brooches, jewels (or whatever makes your heart skip) to the center with some glue and you have a awesome addition to your embellishment stash.

I will also share a quick project I did a while back.  I used my grandmother's "ear bobs" to hang a photo.  I left the clip-on earring intact and tied a ribbon at the hinge area.  The hanging ribbon is one single length.  I added the bow at the top with a seperate length of ribbon.  If you find that your earring clip is a bit loose and the pic falls out, use the little foam 'comfort' pads you find in the earring dept.  These work and don't harm the photo.

I have several of these and they also look cute hung from the finial of your lamp or furniture knobs...just adjust the length of ribbon to fit the current use.

There were also lots of earrings that had lost their mate in my stash of jewelry.  I removed the clip backs with pliers and side cutters.  The final step I glued a tack to the back with an appropriate heavy duty glue.
These are a lot more glamorous to look at and use than plain ole push pins. 
This is my glimpse in the studio for the day. 
 The lineup for tomorrow is a quilt festival for some inspiration and motivation.  I hope to get a new post about my zipper roses done and another sewing project that just escaped from my sewing machine!