Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The paint has been flying again and the flowers were grown onto the wall.  I just freehanded the vines and blooms onto the wall to mimic the window fabrics.  accent-wall

The opposite end of the wall has a balance flower a bit higher on the wall.  I like it and when the art is hung up, I think it will all blend in quite well.  I just haven’t decided which art to go with.  accent-wall-2

In our prior home, the wall space was much more abundant and not the case in our current domicile.  Hence, I have a lot of art in storage that I can’t part with or decide where to hang them.  I believe I will be pulling a few out for a test run in here.

This week will be moving along at a snail’s pace since I have the help of the Sweet One.  No complaints in the Grandma dept. 

Have a most terrific day/night!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Windows + Fabric

Quick Update:

The walls are painted and almost complete.  I now see more floor than NOT.  My windows are now covered! YaY!  It is so much warmer and that is more comfy for sure when it has been dipping into the ‘teens at night!  Brrrr  I just gathered these panels on a rod because I preferred the flowing soft look of this fabric.  I will be making a cornice for this window later.South-window-closed

Simple hold-backs are the perfect solution for a window that is opened a lot of  the time.


The short window got a roman shade.  I cyphered (a LOT) on the exact measurements for the pleats and their placement.  I ended up also tacking them spaced along the length.  West-window-closed

I love these when they are drawn open.  I hadn’t planned on a cornice for this window, but time will tell after it is all done.West-window-open

So there is the quick update on the windows and I’ll paint the decorative design on the wall perhaps today.

Thanks for stopping by y’all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Art and Armoires

The month of January is appropriately assigned Snow and/or white for the Blissful ATC swap.  I have received my ATC for the month of January from partner Karla Jackson.  The rose applique is covered in snow.  I love it.  Thank you Karla!snow-received-january

I have just put mine in the mail to her and I just concentrated on SNOW.  We haven’t had any yet around here and so this is our token of snow for our house.snow-atc-sent

Update on the room redo/catastrophe:

I have finally pulled in all the parts of the armoire.  It is HUGE in this room, but I think I will finally get the organization handled and it will work quite well.armoire

I love that it has pretty legs that lift it off the floor.  I fell in love with all the details.  The delicate carving at the crown is just yummy.armoire-cornice

Then the panes of glass on the doors that coordinate with the windows already  in this room.  I am debating hanging lace panels in there until I get the perfect decorative containers to set on the shelves.armoire-doors

The hardware is beautiful.  The detail is unbelievable and mimics the decorative bow on the crown.  armoire-hardwareA few key pieces are missing and a few of the back plates are missing.  I have already been searching the internet for antique hardware and am NOT having any luck matching any of it.   If anyone has any leads on any hardware hoarders, then let me know.  I also have a dressing table with a swivel oval mirror and a missing swivel part.  Crucial to the whole swivel effect needed to make it complete.  I will rig a solution that I think will work in the meantime.

I had to take out a day to make curtains for the very bare windows.  I hope to get those hung up by Saturday.  Keeping my fingers crossed to finish soon.

Come on back to check it all out and make me accountable to get this project finished!!  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, New Color

I have now prepped and primed the accent wall.  I am so excited about this new color of blue in this room.  I couldn’t even wait for the second coat to take a pic and share.  In the right light, it has the dusty turquoise I was hoping for.  I installed some new daylight fluorescents and it throws off the colors in here.  A change will remedy that problem after all the work is done.  I do however like the flood of light for the

I normally wouldn’t be one to go for complimentary colors, but I was inspired from this fabric.fabric-closeup

I can see it all coming together with the antique whites that I already have going on.  I will be moving some new/old furniture in here that I scored at an estate sale.  fabric-vision

I even had a vision of some floor starting to peek through all the chaos.  Be still my heart!!  I see an end to the project!  Well…for this room anyway.  The sweet little pink nightstand may find another home soon.  I can’t fit it into any spare cubby around here and a BFF is whispering in my ear that she has just the RIGHT place for it.  As long as it has a loving home…so be it.visions-of-floor

I seem to be acquiring the allergy crud that is flying around here and I am in a foggy frenzy to get the painting finished.  Painting on drugs (OTC, of course) is not highly recommended for making clean edges in the corners.  Ugh, retouching will be next.

The end is near for phase 1 of major reno’s.

Check ya later, gators!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holy Cow

Happy New Year to everyone!  We had a very quiet day that included a LOT of football.  It was the calm before the storm so to speak.  I’ve had it in my mind to repaint our guest room/sweat shop.  The sheer volume of items in this single room had kept me at bay for quite some time, actually a few years!!  Ugh, the thought of moving out the stuff just to make room for a ladder and a can of paint was daunting. 

Welcome a new year and my resolution to conquer this room of horrors.  I finally moved out a huge armoire to storage.  I have just been shifting all the other furniture from one side of the room to the other just to move around and paint.  This is really scary to view this craziness in a pic.  Please don’t call Hoarders yet!holy-cow

I have moved on from basic white to a golden yellow.  It was inspired from a part of the fabric to be used for the window treatments.  I am so excited to get those done and hung up.2011 01 03_5486

Awww, I just love a freshly painted wall.  It is so fresh and clean.  You get that just moved in feel all over

I am still keeping my sewing machines in this room, but moving them from this lonely corner to the opposite wall.  I have had to cut off 20” of length from this work table.  I hope I am not going to regret that little action because every inch counts when you are crafting and painting not to mention major sewing projects.   The jury is still out on that one.old-work-corner

This paper was already in place when we purchased this home.  It’s been nice, but not really my style and it’s time was up.  Not to mention that it looks totally bad with that yellow wall bumped up next to it now.  Next chore…..stripped down wall paper.before-wallpaper

And voila!  Fresh clean wall in less that 10 minutes.  I was so relieved that it came off in whole pieces.  I was doing a happy dance for sure.after-wallpaper

The rest of the evening was spent washing off the residual paste.  Wax ON and Wax OFF came to mind immediately upon starting that chore.  My arms have got to be more fit after I finish this wall.

A coat of primer and then an accent color will go here.  I hope it isn’t too out there, but I have thought about a dusty aqua for this wall that matches the new silk embroidered fabric for the windows.  I have a graphic design planned also and I hope it comes together like it is pictured in my mind.

More to come on this mess project.  My deadline is three days from now and I still have 2 file cabinets and my work table to paint.  Keep your fingers crossed and come back for the reveal.

Thanks for stopping by Y’all.