Friday, October 31, 2008

OMG! OMG! I've won, I've won!! Scream that real loud and run hysterically around the house and that will be a pretty good re-enactment of my reaction. haha. My DH may have thought the house was crashing in for a moment. Thank you sooooo much Linda @ and Ki @ This was so much fun. I wish I'd had the foresight to take assembly pics like Margo @ . My gathering spots weren't so glamorous in the old, dark garage with inches of dirt collecting on stuff and a container with shelves piled with odd assortments. Chester and I just sat in the front yard and started talking to our pumpkin gal and she came to life. I was actually talking to myself and Chester was just courteous to listen as I literally was trying to get a grip on things! Thanks again ladies.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Get a Grip Gal

Ok, phew! Nothing like a deadline to get something done!! This gal is almost a self'-portrait because she is also trying to get a grip on all the chaos around. Just as I think I get a handle on a project I just lose the grip on another. haha. Check out to see about the pumpkin decorating project. But, don't dallie because the deadline is HERE!! How else would I have been able to get this finished. Maybe this gal can meet up with some organized, inspired flea crafters.
If you haven't heard, check up on Ki and her latest venture to spread the good junk around!Join the Revolution!! Ki Nassauer, Country Home contributing editor, founder of JunkMarket, and now, Junk Revolution is officially getting her online store underway! Keep checking in with her website ( as she works to expand it to include valuable tips and inspiration. Beginning November 1oth, wonderful junk items will be available to purchase for yourself or the fellow junkers in your life. To get to know Ki better, follow her along on some of her junking jaunts, and to learn more about the history of her business over the years, check out her blog:
Well our fun Hallowed Holiday is nearly upon us, so get your treats ready! Have fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My garden over runneth....

Our garden is in full swing and I wish you were all here to reap the bounty! This is just a very small portion of the tomatoes that were eventually plucked from the vine. They covered my counter when done. I've passed many on to friends and I will freeze the rest for the soups and stews to come in the cooler weather. YUM! The banana peppers and gypsy peppers are equally prolific. This is all just one day's pickins. I was searching the web for pepper recipes. I came across an easy one for a pepper casserole. It is below for the sharing.Banana Pepper Casserole
10 banana peppers
8 oz. Velveeta cheese
1 Cup cooked rice
1 can biscuits, 5 ct.
1 can Rotel, drained

Split banana peppers open and remove seeds & veins. I plan to parboil the peppers next time to make them just a bit more tender. I left them whole with a split down one side.
Cube cheese and microwave til melted. Stir rice into melted cheese. Stuff each pepper with the cheese/rice mixture.
Roll each biscuit very thin and cut in half. The recipe didn't say what to do with this, but I think they intended that you wrap each pepper with the dough. I placed the whole, thin biscuit across the top.
Place peppers into a greased baking dish. Spoon Rotel over peppers, keeping liquid to a minimum.
Bake 400 degrees until biscuits are flaky.

This was fast and easy and I'll make it again. Hope it turns out for you too.

A thought that matches today's economic situation:

If you outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep will be your downfall.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

spooky scenes

I have pulled out more spooky kooky stuff. I've actually been editing my decor!! REALLY! I am calling this finished....for now. I finally just covered my painting with black fabric which worked just right for the space. I already have ideas jotted down for next year for that mantel. Heaven forbid that I not have another project to work on this next year.
I love the carved pumpkin, but it doesn't show off in the pic very well. I have my eye on a companion pumpkin pedestal for this one. I am waiting for the after season sale and hope it is still waiting for me.

This little group of pumpkin topiaries are my favorite this year. I have a larger pair also that have yet to be completed. It involves me using the router and I can't find my router bits. Oops, need some organization in the workshop.

This little black cat just jumped into my shopping basket at Hobby Lobby last week. Look familiar?

These little gourd guys (and gals)will great our visitors. I loved painting these guys and have sketches for a few more.

I had found these mini buckets a few years ago and hang them
around filled with little treats for guests that pop in.

I have treat bags filled with goodies for each little goblin. Some are handpainted like my little batty bags.

Now, I know that you're thinking I must have a ton of tricksters that knock on my door to be treated. Here at the bump in the road, I have had an average of 6 little people over the past 5 years! I love to see their little eyes light up when they come to the door. I can afford to splurge when I only have a few goblins as opposed to the many that came by the big cottage in the big city.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of haunting tidbits. I have got to get onto my list of other projects that are screaming in the ghoulish tone to pay them their due. Happy Haunting for now.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall

This is one SHINY mirror!! I like shine and sparkle, but this is too much for even me. I snagged it at the garage sale I was helping with this past week. They really didn't like it and didn't even think it would sell. I paid my dues and was rewarded with an awesome mirror. It is actually a very nice mirror frame...the kind all the others try to copy. It is gold leafed on plaster. Hmmm, could I have taken this to the bank and cashed it in? Too late, already painted!

I decided it needed to be toned down a bit. I glazed it first with burnt umber. That was happening around midnight last night.
Then this morning I put a coat of white acrylic over the entire frame.

It turned out just terrific. Now I can live with a little peek-a-boo gold. I picture this to be fabulous against a turquoise/aqua sorta color on the guest room wall.

I have been picking up the plastic versions of these mirrors this summer. I would have never looked twice at such baroque frillery in the past, but find them interesting in new, modern colors. I am in the process of converting one to a memo board and another will have something to do with screening. Check back for those soon.
Thanks for comments and leave me your feedback often.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monogrammed Halloween Pumpkins

I got my Halloween pumpkins monogrammed and placed outside. I'd had the 'B' for our name, but then decided it could say Boo for now. The smaller ones will be turned around and rearranged for the fall. For now, Chester is thinking this looks great. These were easy-peasy. Of course, I forgot to take pics of the process, but you can do this blindfolded.
First, you need a pumpkin(s),paper printed with fav font,permanent marker pen, stylus or a dried up ball-point pen to trace design, carbon paper, pieces of tape to hold paper in place:

I copied the Parchment font and made it super large to fit my pumpkin. Tape a piece of carbon paper to the pumpkin. A NOTE: I found the old-fashioned carbon paper to be better than Saral or wax less paper. I had to do a lot of free hand drawing because I only had the wax less type and it was hardly visible. Tape the paper with the font and trace the basic outline of Letter/Design.

Remove the papers and use a permanent marker to draw the design. I had also used black acrylic on the larger B to fill in the larger areas. After the design is finished, I spray Krylon 1311 Matte Finish sealer over the face of the pumpkin completely. I found this is the ONLY spray that will seal permanent pens and not make them RUN all over the place. Very important to get the right number 1311!

The stem of the bottom pumpkin will need to be cut off. I used a hack saw. A sharp one is definitely preferred! I had a dull one to begin with....ugh. That was a workout until I searched for a sharp one and it cut like butta!

Stack and Enjoy. Only because I couldn't find my floral clay is mine dry stacked for now. I will add that when I find it just to make it more secure.

words to ponder - Imagination is just intelligence having fun.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Chester minus the Ann

Chester the cat is practicing for Halloween. HE is getting into the decor around the house. That's right Chesterann has been found out to be a Chester. The vet did a bit of search and find and found the proof. haha. I am not an experienced cat gender investigator obviously. Now, I don't know who is more confused since we continue to call him ...."her". He will get a special overnight visit to the vet in a few weeks. After neutering, we may call him "IT" and just solve this once and for all.
Enjoy the fall weather and come back for an update post on decor. I am helping a dear sister-in-law get a garage sale together this week and won't be home very much. I hope we can uncover some interesting items. I'll share some soon.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hallowed Decor

In the middle of projects yesterday, I was struck with the Halloween decorating spider. I have a few tubs of decor and I usually hold off til mid-Oct. for the Halloween goodies, but I couldn't stand it any longer. I LOVE Halloween. I started with the fireplace and it is still a work in progress. I hope to get a ghastly picture in place of the current one and something to fill in the gaps of white. I have thought I would put a long piece of wood with a wise saying of some sort, such as 'Beware'. Please post any suggestions, they are most welcome.
I love this little tree I made last year.
I salvaged the base from a trip to the dumpster and slapped the paint on it. It is hard to capture on the photo all the decorations. The ghost garland, ornaments tied onto the limbs with an assortment of ribbons and the purple lights. Love it. I have also assembled quite a group of pumpkins that hang around all season. Some of the white ones may even get to stay til Christmas....we'll see.

The hutch area is getting share of goblins also. This is still a work in progress. Actually, I have a huge stack of mail, keys, and other things to do just out of the picture. You'll get the full pic eventually when I clear my 'work' area.
I must give credit where credit is due. Chesterann did her best at helping with the outdoor decor. She held down the garland for me so it wouldn't get away. She actually did that job a little too well, I almost couldn't get it away from her!! The swinging bats have her a little worried and keeps eyeing them. Or perhaps the bats should be worried......hmmmm.

Monday, October 6, 2008

junk stash

What a great weekend for 'junkin'. I made a serious haul of good stuff to redo and use this Saturday. I have been cleaning all of it in prep for a glamorizing makeover. I forgot to take the before pic of when I got it unloaded and piled up on the front porch. Poor DH was observing from afar. Very afar away!
The basket was a necessity for the garden to haul veggies. The garden is out of control producing great stuff by the way. The sconces will see new life in a different color. The brass hook rack is really a good size and I will just hang it as is......but where.......?

Then I find this great set of dishes for 4. These are primo condition. I look forward to setting all the place mats and napkins to show them off. I am a sucker for expandable trivets. This one is not an expensive one to start with, but sooooooo practical. It will handle a large casserole dish easily and that time of year is around the corner.

This nice meat slicer was the best buy of the day. I don't know that I really need it that often, but it was like new and I couldn't resist a great deal. It may be passed along eventually

The little silver container was such a cute shape and I know it will hold something that is so necessary on my worktable. The irresistible classic plastic frames....what can I say? I shunned them for years, but they now pose as a quest to redo them into a more dignified life. Paint and rub 'n buff and 'leafing' them have created some really nice results.
I have projects to complete today and I'll post some more of my finds later. Enjoy today.