Friday, July 31, 2009

yummy to the tummy

Come on over for a slice of birthday cake. All I can say though had better hurry. This cake is going, going......almost gone! What would we do without birthdays to justify making a yummy cake, AND eating it all up. This year the DH had a few guests to share his chocolate cake and it wasn't just the two of us. Thank Goodness.
Other goodness that you can share in, but you had better hurry on this one also...The Polka Dot Barn is having a terrific giveaway. Go throw your name in the comment section for a chance at a really cute banner. Git on over there now, ya here. But don't forget to come on back here for a chit chat occasionally. I promise I will blog more often....PROMISE.

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misselaineous said...

MMmmmMMM...that cake looks yummy, for sure. We have no birthdays during the summer in our family...looking forward to the fall when we all celebrate. But wait...who says it has to be a birthday for a cake...maybe I'll bake a just because cake tomorrow...a Saturday cake. Sounds like plan to me! Have a great weekend. *elaine*