Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween to all the little (and BIG) tricksters.  All the porch decorations are prepped and the lights are on waiting on our 6 little goblins.  That seems to be our average over the years out here in the sticks.  But, I am happy to see all their little painted faces and adorable costumes.

I joined Blissful Art Swap and each month we have a different theme and partner.  This month I received my atc from my swap partner, Dana Strickland.  The theme was DARK.  Dana created the collage titled Marvelous Night for a MoonWatch.  It is really a cool little art piece and perfect for this hallowed night!


I also participated in a tag swap at The Art of Altering with Lisa Venable.  I received these cuties from:

Judy Bidwell


Darlene Rolls


Monica Davis


These were some really great tags and I loved the Halloween theme.  Click on their names to visit their blogs.

Great Stuff Maynard!!

In anticipation of tonight, I made some Atc’s in the spooky spirit.

I have this cute stamp in my stash and it is so easy to embellish and color.  One of my fav’s.Halloween-atc-4


Another variation on the same stamp.Halloween-1

This one is a darker theme.  I love using cheesecloth as a layer.  It is so easy to manipulate.Halloween-atc-6

This one  is another layered cheesecloth and an ode to Chester the Cat.Halloween-atc-7

How dare us humans wake him from his snooze on the shoes.  Don’t you know goblins are about?!!  I must get my rest!

jan 2010 pics 010

The Goblins will be arriving soon and I’d hate to miss even ONE! 

Trick or Treat  to YOU!!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Old Dresser Redo

I have been working on a new project these last 2 days.  I luv, luv, luv repainting old furniture and I haven’t been able to do this in quite a while.   So I have paint on my newly manicured nails and it is NO problem man!!

I always forget to take the ‘before’ picture.  I hate when that happens.  I did nab a pic after I had sanded the drawer fronts and top. 2010 10 23_3604

I put on a coat of primer and let it dry well.  Today I started adding the layers of color.  There is creamy pale yellow and two shades of blue.  You can’t ignore the cheetah that I decoupage  onto the surface also.  color-layer

Then I have painted over all of the splotchy mess with white paint.  I often use a beeswax candle or even petroleum jelly over some areas that I don’t want the white paint to adhere.  Not this time though because I really want this to be subtle and I’ll be sanding quite a bit and I think the effect will be soft and very nice worn look.dresser

That is what I have in mind anyway.  While this is drying this evening, I am back in the sweat shop and sewing up some draperies for a client.  And who knows what else will happen when I get my energy back in gear. 

Luv ya and hope to hear from ya soon pardner!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkins in my Punkin Capital

This year I have pulled out all my Pumpkins and I think they have begun to take over.  My DH’s favorites are the ones that hold candy. 

As much as I planned ahead I still missed Spooky Mondays….yet again!  I set this up to post automatically and the goblins take over and keep it from happening!  I hate when that happens.

green-frame-entry My entry table with the purple glitter candelabra  that I scored at Target.  Luv that dollar section, it just grabs you in right off the bat every

My mantel got a few ghosts thrown in the mix.  And then it hits me as I am looking at it that I have posted the Not-So-Great  pic and I probably won’t change it right now…  The hearth is loaded will all my favorites.  I think I am going to add some more white ones when I search the sales later on.  I visualize a predominate black and white theme next year.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Elegant pumpkin

I couldn’t resist transforming one of my forlorn pumpkins when I saw THISI loved the look and I didn’t have the adorable flower, cute stamp, or the gorgeous napkin, but I forged ahead anyway!  I did have a luscious black and white swirly napkin that I had been holding back for the perfect project.  So, that was a GO in my book.

This is my forlorn pumpkin that had seen better days.

starting-point He got a couple of coats of Gesso to cover up his uglies.

gesso After the gesso dried, I used matte medium as my adhesive.  You can use Mod Podge or whatever works for you.   I separated the plies of  the napkin and adhered the single decorative layer onto the pumpkin.

layering-napkinsI was quite generous in the application of the medium on top.  The gives a very nice protective finish. 

I then used glitter and coated the stem.  I will probably be purchasing another black glitter that may not have such a blueish tint to it.  Another coat of glitter will make it juuuusssttt right!

I luv this one.  I see it may the foundation of a whole family of black and white flourishes for next year decor. 

I see rhinestones, more glitter…..bwaaa haaa haaa…..

Monday, October 4, 2010

Witch Alert

Come in if you dare…the witches moved in today. 


This one has hit one too many trees I think. 


She is hanging out with her other witchy friends.


This gal has collected her eye of newt and feathers of night owls.


This happy witch has no worries with her cauldron nearby.


With all the new occupants flying in, you’ll have to stop in next week to see all the gifts scattered about.

Be sure to stop by Wendy’s Adventure in Wonderland to visit the many wonderful entries this week.

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