Thursday, March 25, 2010

More stitchin projects

I took a break from sewing to sew.  That just sounds warped!  But, that is the state of things.....warped. 
The deadline for the Sweet One's Easter dress is drawing near.
This year called for something simple and sweet.  I opted for a yellow satin with a chiffon overlay.  She has a darling little cotton sweater with crochet blooms that will coordinate beautifully. 
I worked up the little flower with a scrap of the chiffon cut on the bias and ran a gathering stitch and curled it up into a little bloom and laid it over the same in the yellow satin which didn't show itself from this angle.

 The hem was done with another bias strip just ruffled up.  It worked great for me and covered the not so perfect rolled hem.  I dread rolled hems on chiffon so why is it that is what I chose?!!...Another warped moment to say the least.  A simple solution and just the right touch for the Sweet One's dress. 
Now for the perfect shoe.  That may not be so easy.

Another project recently completed.....
A friend commissioned these for her business and they turned out so cute. 
 They have appliques on the front and rear pocket. 
Then we have coordinating fun bags.  These are the perfect size to sling over your shoulder and tote your necessities of the moment.  The interior size is also perfect to carry baby items.  Throw in a couple of diapers, wipees and a sippie cup and you are good to go.
Each bag has an exterior pocket for your cell phone or just your 'pocket' change. 
haha, I couldn't resist it, so sorry.
All bags are lined from repurposed fabrics, so each creation is unique. 
If you're lucky to be in Phoenix, AZ check out "GIrlS NiGHt OUt" at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Resort 2pm -9pm on Saturday.  You can snag some cool fashion items from the Cracker Jack Gals booth. 
Tell em..Terri sent ya!
I don't know if that will get you any extra points, but they'll enjoy knowing where their FREE advertising dollars are going.
I'll post more pics of current projects very soon, so y'all come back!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Garage Sale Goodies

Spring has finally sprung, if you can catch it on the right day.  The other days still have snow.  The official arrival of our warmer weather is a day full of garage sales.  WooHoo.  Happy dance happening.  My neighbor and I took off toward the big city at 7 a.m. and were rewarded for our early a.m. jaunt. 
The Sweet One got a couple of items to play with around here. 

I scored on these 2 items for.........(imagine a loooonnng commercial break here, cause that's how the tv shows do it!).......ok, recap and the grand total was...$5.00.  Yeppers.  Awesome AND in mint condition for both of them!!
Then we hit a sale with nothin special, but then I spied a couple of sexy legs hiding under the sheets.  haha, NOW you're really interested?  Gals, NEVER ever hesitate to ask if something is for sale!! 
I asked, they sold, it's mine.....

I already had it moved into my closet for extra storage before I remembered to take this pic.  The paint job not so good, but the general condition is terrific for this old dresser and you get a glimpse of the sexy legs I was spying under the sheet that was covering this beauty.
OK, the going price was $20.  Yippee for me!

and lastly I scored a couple of silver trays and spoons.  I can't pass up the silver, must be a magpie at heart.  The cutie pie little purse will hold lots of smalls for the Sweet One.
There was also a brass tray and a wooden lazy susan thingy that I have already put to work in the sweat shop/crafting space.  I'll snag a pic of those when there is better light.
Sigh, alas, I spy happy days ahead with more sales on the horizon and wildflowers in the fields.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy wishing o' the GREEN

May your neighbors respect you,
Troubles neglect you,
The angels protect you,
And Heaven accept you.

Postcards from my personal collection. 
Click on pic to enlarge and copy for your own use.

I think this one makes a terrific background piece. 
I enhanced the color in all of these a wee bit with PS.

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you,
Wherever you go.

Enjoy the day and don't forget the wearin' o' the GREEN!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oscars...Move over!!

I am overwhelmed...Thank you, thank you.  I want to say especially that Sharon at My Vintage Studio is da bomb!!  Forget a gold Oscar gals,  I received my goody box from her from a recent giveaway.  Holy Cow!  I wish I could be calm about getting such a box of coolness and remember to take pics BEFORE I rip all the adorable packaging details apart like a 3 year old.   But, alas you get to see all the goodies in the AFTER pics.  The beautiful tin was tied up in a ribbon that speaks to my heart..all pink and vintage.  The box was lined with an awesome linen napkin with rose cross stitch. 
  Need I say there is chocolate involved?  And gold...that beats Mr. Oscar any day.  2 beautiful silver spoons that I couldn't get a clear pic of their awesomeness.  Buttons, lace, and papers, Oh My, then throw in rhinestones and game pieces. 
This beautiful pin cushion just nearly killed me over.  It is exactly like the one my dear grandmother had many years in her bathroom hanging by the mirror.  Now, it is back in my life for reals.  Luv it.
And that's not all y'all.  More goodness with the wonderful tags she stuffed in there also.  The creativity here is beautiful.  Can you hug a tag?  Yep.  I'd love to be hugging you Sharon!  The lady holding the bouquet is actually the most adorable small book.  Be still my heart.  This was an awesome gift and has made my day.
Oh yeah, I know you are dying to know what I was wearing at this event on my own carpet.  Begin with the classic blue denim pants and topped with a deep navy t-shirt and layered with a soft and warm grey sweater of my grandmother's.  The shoes are all the rage...cross-trainers with a pink accent.  The do we describe it....Casual, brushing the shoulders with a slightly disheveled appeal.  Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cyber space Coolness

I am throwing in a quick post about a terrific giveaway.  The Creative Connection has a blog up and going and they are offering a terrific bedding set from Mary Jane Butters.  Yumminess is all over the place with this one, so don't miss out.  You can click the button to the right also to git ya there lickety split.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cheetah Gals, no Cougars here!

Hanging out here with THE award show and chit-chatting with my BFF, Heather.  What's a girl to do with all the glamour on the tv going on?  We make our own when we pull out body parts from the back of her truck.  Has that got you going yet?   haha. You mean you don't have mannequins in your closet to paint?
You haven't painted until you've painted these babies, ur uh.....boobies.  Good job girlfriend.

These gals are now ready for some serious stylin'.  They'll be showing off their other looks in Phoenix, AZ at the Girls Night Out event.  Be sure to check out the Cracker Jack Gals booth.  Cheetah gals have so many looks to choose from.
Now that you see what these Award shows inspire.  Y'all get to it and see what you can dig up to slap some paint onto and fill your couple of hours with a little extra glam.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweetness abounds

I pause this blog for a Gramma moment........
These past 2 weeks have been fun-filled adventures with the Sweet One.  We were headed out for shopping..I turn around as I'm backing out the driveway to see this fashion statement.  Now, that's a hat gals!

The first week, she acquired a stomach virus.  It hit just after bedtime, so we were up most of the night.  3 loads of laundry later and lots of disinfecting were the course of the evening.  Yucky stuff folks, Uhhhhhh, need I say more.  NOPE. 
THEN we managed to burst forth 4...yea, you got it...Four MOLARS in the course of these 2 weeks. 
R-E-L-I-E-F that is done with.  I was wanting to get pics of those glorious whites, but not to happen.  Although I did contemplate clamps and duct tape at one point.  teehee.  Not really, just calm down now Mommy.  This was one little girl that was miserable for several days and one tired MiMa.  I took naps right along with her for survival.  haha. 
Despite it all, we had a ton of laughs and hilarity provided by her antics and overall cuteness.  She was also determined that the lint brush should dial out and she was certainly talking to someone for a while..
Who Knew? 

Now, for our irregularly scheduled blog...

I came back home after delivering the Sweet One to said parents to find that I had WON a giveaway at
I was totally doing a happy dance and her goodies are unbelievable.  Wowza.  You must stop by her blog and Etsy to enjoy all her goodies.

Now, I'm back at the sweatshop and the projects are already stacking up.  Yay?  Where's my nap is all I'm thinking about.  How quickly those habits form!