Saturday, July 31, 2010

A continuation...

Surprise...I actually made it back the NEXT day as promised!  Shockers I know.  I am posting the final 6 pages of the baby book for your artistic endeavors.

hmmmmm, interesting page that I haven't noticed in any recent baby books in like....EVER!!

I appreciate this adorable page.  It could be used alone in so many different ways. 
I hope you enjoy these goodies and I'd love to see what you can create with them. 

I will soon post pics of a redo of my porch lamps.  HUGE change there and I have been enjoying painters freshening up the exterior of my home.  I love fresh paint!  Everything looks so fresh and new.  The front door color isn't perfect yet, but I intend to do some custom color mixology tomorrow and get the yellow school bus color toned down a bit.

Next week the roofers will install a new metal roof on my studio.  Recent monsoonal rains left me with a leaky roof and falling sheet rock.  Terrible mess and tons of water damage lead to a happy ending.  I get the new roof I prefer and my 'studio' will finally become just that....A STUDIO and not a total storage building.  WOOHOO!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby book

I interrupt our seed catalog scans to share an adorable baby book.  The copyright was 1918.
There are 12 pages in the booklet.  The artwork is wonderful and so brilliant in color.  I edited any writing that were on the pages so they can be personalized as you see fit. 

I will post the second installment of this book tomorrow.  Come on back for a second helping!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Corny offerings

This corn is making me hungry for fresh corn on the cob.  Yum.  Here is my offering today from the seed catalog.

seed catalog ctrfld corn

The top part of this Prosperity Corn page would be cool cropped up and added to alter art pieces.  I imagine Betty Draper prefers this type corn at her meals.

seed catalog prosperity corn 

I couldn’t resist cropping out this hand.  You just don’t see these little goodies anymore and we all need to pay attention to the depth of grain.

pointer hand

 seed catalog corn

We all know you must have real butter on your corn.  Here is a selection of ads for your butter and information on coloring it properly. 

butter ads


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pages in Time

This summer has been slow for garage sales around here, but the few I have attended were a total score.  I love, love, love old magazines and paper anything actually.  Over a month ago I purchased an armload of old magazines and have just now sat down to go through the stack.  What was I thinking??  Stashed among the stacks of Progressive Farmer and LOOK and POST were a couple of early 1800 printings.  There is no cover left on them and no hints on the pages...whatever those publication tags are called....they just aren't there.  The pages are so extremely fragile that I touch and turn each one with great care.  I have a couple that are 1825 also in the group that are identifiable and I am sure the mystery pages pre-date those easily.  The artwork and information is priceless. 
I have scanned a few of the pages for your use.  I kept the resolution high so you can capture the beautiful detail so expect a slower download.  I hope you love them as much as I do and can use them in your art soon.
This page is especially informative about the proper flirtations with your gloves.  There was also information about flirtations with one's handkerchief, parasol, fan, hat and eyes. 
Another publication was the Iowa Seed company catalog from January 1910.  Within it's scrumptious pages were the order forms, return envelopes and special promotional coupons.  It is like a little mini time capsule that has survived beautifully these past 100 years.
I hope you enjoy all these goodies.  I hope to scan more of these beautiful pages soon and perhaps we can all practice our flirtations with our parasols.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Out on the Town

My Paper dolls finally left the homestead onto greener pastures.  I am not sure of their homes, but perhaps their new owners will send a howdy.  I am posting these for friends who were curious how I could stay up past midnight playing paper dolls.  Now you can see the obsession and I can’t wait to make up some new ones!


This is Babette  in her black lace and blue silk.  She was rockin’ the saloon scene with a flashy style.  All gals need some bling going on!


Cezette is Cirq de Soleil meets Wild West Show.  Jump in the wagon and go find Buffalo Bill.


Faynette is kickin up some more style in the wild west.  A little lace can go a long way.


Jozette traveled from back east somewhere.  Don’t you love a shot of coffee in your whiskey?  She wants to know and you can find her at the local saloon coffee bar.


Kozette is high fashion here to rock the frontier and she doesn’t have time for the ordinary brawl.  She’s here to wrangle her a man and Partayyyyyy!


Pippette can round up fun and cowboys.  Watch out her boots are walkin’ to town!


Quynette left the ranch to the dogies so watch out…spoilin’ is her game.


Suzette will ride a horse to save a cowboy.  Main street ain’t seen nothin yet.


Tynette wants to be a cowgirl and she got her boots today and is ready to kick em up.


Vonette is the last of my wranglers.  The ranch won’t be the same anymore.  Some classics just never go out of style.  Vonette has stayed here at the ranch with me for the time being.  She’d like to hear from her BFF’s and know where they ended up.

Now you know my newest addiction.  haha.  The swap hostess for our paper dolls was Laverne Johnson and Nancy Reeb.  They gifted us with this book of folded pages to hold all of our swap dolls.  I luuuuvvvvv it and all my gals (and guy) have a place to hang out.

book o gals

Thanks for your patience in this photo heavy post and my gals are glad to meet you.  By now, they’re already galavanting around somewhere and having a great visit also.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Napkins

Napkin Art Assortments for layering all over any project.  The Napkin Swap hosted by my sweet daughter really added to my stash of goodies.  With all this new variety, I can't wait to get the glue mediums out and start layering on a new art journal to hold my ATC's.
The presentation of such simple art items were quite fun and creative.  The hostess made tie-on napkin rings to bind all the napkins together and of course it was covered in napkins.
I love the subtle layer they can add to canvases......
...or to the pages of a journal layered over paint.
I used several to add interest to my tool kit that carries class supplies.
This close up shows how the white background napkins have a beautiful transparency quality.
Now that we all have expanded our art stash, all we need is to start applying them to a new surface.
Get Glueing Gals!!

Swap Heaven

Hey y'all, I've finally made it back home and uploaded pics from Paper Cowgirl and trips to yonder and back again.  It is truly a blessing to be with other creative women that inspire me and spur me to go a new direction in art.  LUV it!  I had joined a few more swaps this year and was truly blessed with some awesome creations.  I will have to stretch the pics out over a few days to do justice to some of them. 
The swaps are a bonus gift to an art retreat and the Queen Sash was awesome. 
I really enjoyed creating a sash for Marie Jenkins.  She is just adorable and was an inspiration. 
She hinted at Frenchy Blues which I adore and off I went.
Tiny beads to accent swirls and vintage sequin trim from my dear grandmother's stash.
Dream is a fav past-time and is important to wander beyond our daily restraints
and to realize we can do more in all our endeavors. 
Here is sweet Marie modeling her Queen Sash.  She is just so cute and such a sweet spirit.
This awesome box held the sash created for me by Marsha Albee of Kentucky. 
Wowza, she had the presentation done right and I can use this in my creative space also.
She created a masterpiece for me and I love the push to CREATE when I gaze at my sash. 
I will be hanging it in my creative space soon so I can enjoy it all the time.
The accent that joins the sash was so cute with the cowgirls and the paper ruffles
for just the right glitz and tattered glamour.
Thanks Marsha, I really love my Queen Sash!

I also was the recipient of this unbelievable cuff from Elizabeth Deuson.  It is covered in embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery with beautiful buttons and crocheted closures.  I am all over it and wearing it often.  She took a lot of time and her expertise is just oozing out.  Awesome!
I created a cuff for Elizabeth also.  We both love turquoises and apparently silk embroidery.  What a coincidence that we would both pull out our silk ribbons.
I threw in a couple of charms engraved with PC 2010 and a hot air balloon from moi with little chunks of turqoise.  Each cuff that exchanged was a mini artwork in itself.  Great work gals!
I'll post paper dolls and blooms ASAP.
Thanks for stoppin by and come back soon...ya hear?!