Sunday, November 23, 2008


That is what the headlines were saying in Lubbock. How true. We are licking our wounds today, but will heal and become stronger. OU deserved that win and they came out to claim it too.

I do have a positive pic to share in this day of gloom. In the blue mood theme, I share some of my old canning jars from my grandmother. Doesn't that beautiful turquoise blue just lift your spirits?....sigh...... We savor the bounty of our gardens in the midst of winter from our canned goods.
We are also reminded of the plentiful bounty that God showers upon us daily and be thankful.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Texas Tech vs. OU

What more needs to be said?!!

Get your guns up TECHsans!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the game.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Old Furniture and Chandi's

My cup runneth over! More button love for International Button Week. Come on across the street with me to my friends house....
This week I was able to brush up on my paint skills. My neighbor had the most clever use for an old chest. Bear with me on the pics. I was battling intense light from a nearby window and my trusty point and shoot was doing the best it could.
It had doors on top and the 3 drawers. A coat of black paint and new knobs became a new canvas for a little decorative painting. They had found a botanical print to be interpreted onto the doors and on a couple of the drawers....Now, you're wondering How Clever is That? not much in itself.....but,
This old chest was transformed into a computer desk. The pullout drawers behind the double doors were removed to make room for the monitor.
The top drawer was removed and replaced as a false front that drops down. The keyboard pulls out on it's own shelf. This works on so many levels. Functional for a small space. Attractive and is a great new use for something old.
Now, back at my own bunkhouse...This chandelier is the last remnant of brass left in the house. Until it is repainted, we will embrace it's shinyness (is that such a word?, but it works perfect for this project). We have the before view that is just plain....
But you add yards of crystal beads draped everywhere and you suddenly have a crystal chandi!!! I really scored the crystal beads BTY at Walliworld in the clearance section at $1 yd. woohoo for being at the right place at the right time. I bought all that was on the shelves.
I am sneaking some of my Christmas glitz in before Thanksgiving. DH doesn't realize what is fixin to hit him, or maybe he is in denial already.

Monday, November 17, 2008

What a perfect week to celebrate....International Button Week! I have lots of buttons from my grandmother's stash and my own collection from sewing all my life. Well, nearly ALL my life.
Anyway, got that reminiscing out of the way. I always cut buttons off the clothes going to the rag pile and that really adds up.
Only last week, I made a button tree in an effort to gather my whites into one place. Check out the Nov. 5th post.
Just hop on over to to check out the button bonanza.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Flea market Belt and Purse

Vintage tablecloth a
Old feedsacks a
Embroidered dresser cloth a
Misc. items from 'the armoire' aa
Grab the inspiration for this flea market belt from, a pair of scissors and the trusty sewing machine. I had seen this cute flea market belt on Margo's site and was inspired to make one myself. I have collected vintage textiles forever and had a nice selection to choose from. Problem is....I can't hardly cut them up. So, I search for the least flaw to justify the remake.
I used the feedsack for the base piece and the pretty floral tablecloth for the pockets. The crochet accents are covering up the wear holes and add some style.
I used an old napkin to make the covered pocket with a magnet closure to keep your cash/cards secure.
Now, I'd say this is a much more fashionable alternative to the fanny pack.
Well, I couldn't stop there. I made a coordinating purse to go along with the ensemble for post-flea functions. I used a dresser scarf to accent the interior along with napkins.

Pockets to carry the cell phone and the cash. Let's go shopping!

I have loved putting this little ensemble together. I will take these to a fund-raising auction tonight. I made them yesterday just to reaffirm that

if it weren't for the Last Minute.........I Wouldn't get ANYTHING Done!!!

Enjoy crafting y'all!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Apron search

Ok y'all~
Don't ya just hate it when you can't find something that you just saw recently? I have been surfing for the past couple of hours....NO exaggeration! I had seen the cutest apron, but where is it now?
It had been adapted from a nail apron, the type that you can purchase at your lumber yard. It had vintage fabrics applied to the front and pocket flaps. The flaps had embellishments such as a key and other smalls that held the flap tight by a companion magnet on the apron. Now, how clever is that?!
If anyone knows the blog that holds such a treasure....PLEASE release me from my torment and send me a link in the comments. I really thought I had bookmarked it for future perusal. Apparently I need to add a sticky note to my screen.
I pulled out a few of my old textiles. Very few actually, but enough to inspire me. I love to collect these from sales. I was digging through some of the feed sacks and decorative towels and some great old lace. I rarely cut these apart unless they are already tattered beyond repair. I did find a few that will become something new.
This business of cleaning out my armoire is turning into some serious work!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wallpaper and Buttons

This week has been dedicated to just getting some of my ideas put to reality. I am needing to move a large armoire. Problem stores a lot of my craft items and it is super heavy. So, the great idea is to complete projects that are housed in said item and theoretically EMPTY the armoire. So, here goes........
I gather the square canvases and a swatch of wallpaper I had considered for my kitchen at one time. It didn't make the final cut, but I was determined to use this bit of wallpaper somehow. I love it. I used an exacto knife and cut out one of the motifs. The black acrylic paint is base coated over the entire canvas, including the sides.
After the paint dried, I used a white pencil and wrote french phrases across the canvas. Well, that didn't show up as strong after the final glaze was applied and the photo doesn't pick it up very well. I used decoupage medium to place the cut out on the canvas. I followed up with 3 coats total. (It will be used in the kitchen and I wanted to be able to wipe it off easily)
I used gold Rub 'n Buff to highlight the edges of the canvas and some of the design.
Voila, an instant artwork. I love an easy project that is also FAST.
Then, I moved onto the green Styrofoam cone. I covered it with a pieces of white fabric i.e. muslin, pellon just to hide the green. It will NOT be seen in the end. I then used a length of lace and wrapped it around the cone also.
I have a lot of white buttons from my grandmother's collection. Finally a decorative use for all of them. I placed the larger ones scattered over the cone, then followed up with smaller ones. I used dressmaker pins and pearl seed beads to pin each button onto the cone.
A note: I purchased the pkg of 750 pins and have run out. This is just a 12" cone. So, you will always use more than you anticipate. I KNOW that, but did I listen to myself? Obviously NOT.
This is a time to contemplate deep thoughts while you pin buttons. (another way of letting you know, it'll take a bit of time for this part of the project)
But, it looks great when it is done. It is actually a great way to store these buttons in a decorative way. If I need one, just pluck it off the tree.
I can't decide how to finish off the topper and I may make a topiary with a dowel and container. Any ideas? Please leave me a suggestion.

I will post more of the Armoire Projects as they occur this week. Happy Crafting.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

How about those Raiders!!!

Texas Tech 39 - Texas 33!!!

This was the most amazing game of the season. Phew, we're exhausted. Tech scores with 1 second left on the clock to pull off a serious upset. (understatement!!) These were 2 great teams and McCoy just didn't get a chance to show his stuff till the 4th. Harrell and Crabtree turned out to be the showstoppers in the end. Defense was certainly the name of the game.

This one was such a jump up and scream game that I didn't even get my usual idea sheet and planning list together for my crafty projects. I did remove Halloween and fluffed up for Fall a bit.

Don't ya just love football season? Yeah!