Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blue for you

There is surely a blue moon somewhere in my collection, but it is camouflaged for sure. I love, love, love cobalt blue glass. As you may well know by reading past postings that almost any kind of glass is my fav too. Blue in particular makes me smile. This little stack is my cookware pieces and table settings. Notice how cleverly I stacked and crowded it together to disguise my obsession. Hmmm, quite proud of that little move there if I do say so.
The plate chargers and 2 bowls with the silver candlewick edges are from the Bombay Company. sniff, sniff...I sure miss that store. Other pieces have arrived via less glamorous places, but are holding their own here.
I have considered glass shelving across one on my windows just to enjoy how the light shines through and creates instant art.
Not to forget a few other touches of a cubby over the stove top.

A tulip container for notes and such by the phone. It is important to keep your rooster flashlight nearby, just in case!

And this hard-working beauty. This mixer is a thing of joy to me. I certainly wouldn't want to wear it out by using it and cooking or something. Heaven forbid!!

I have more, but it is packed away so as not to seem too overwhelming ...or perhaps to hide an addiction to blue glass? Hope you enjoyed the blue tour today and I may do a black and white tour soon.

a Different kind of Duck

I thought I would share one of my favorite dust collectors eerr, collectibles. Upon closer examination, perhaps I should have dusted first. Ahhmmmm, we'll ignore that over site for now. My grandmother had some cool and unusual items in her home. This sewing duck is really quite clever and has everything you'd need at arm's reach. As with so many goodies, I wish I knew it's history.
The little tin box is to hold misc. items such as thimbles or nails if that is what you happen to use in your sewing projects. Let me know what are your unusuals and I will really try to conquer the Mr. Linky biz. I can get your link posted the old-fashioned way til then.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick note here

If y'all haven't been over to time-worn interiors...git there now! She is having a great giveaway for her 100th post.

I actually may get one my own posts up soon. I am slacking here lately or is it just plain old busy? It's a blur either way. Insert here a toothy grin that is screaming "Forgive me".

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweetheart's Unite

Ok, I mean unite with a serious lip lock and let your love be known! This is a day of sharing the love. I have shared the love with my Dear Husband now for 15 years....woohoo! is our Anniversary also.
Now, go on and enjoy the day and have a great time.
Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweets for the sweeties

Cupid has gone and harvested some sweet little hearts for us!!
These yummy hearts of goodness were harvested from a local grocery. Boy, are they tasty too and we are just beginning.... Strawberries dipped in chocolate are Yummylicious. You just can't go wrong here folks. It's quick and easy.
Grab a few of these delicious gems and get started. I used my microwave to melt the chocolates. I worked in small batches in case they got overcooked, I wouldn't ruin too many chips. That happens WAY too often in my kitchen. At least I'm learning to cover my bases here!
Hurry them to the microwave before you eat them all straight out of the bowls!
Be careful and watch your chocolate chips and pull them out before they lose their little drop shape, but begin to get soft. At that point, stir them to a soft consistency. Not soft enough? Zap in the microwave for a couple more seconds and stir again. Now, start dipping. Voila!
I placed each berry in a mini muffin paper cup for easy handling. I prepared these for a meeting this week. We were enjoying a heart healthy focus on exercise and yummy snacks.

A learning moment to share-Ghiradelli white chocolate does NOT cooperate. EAT them alone and don't try to melt them. They do a wonky hardening that isn't pretty. Go with tried and true Nestle's chips.

Happy Valentine's Day eve!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Untangling the necklaces

I've gotta confess that my jewelry has been out of control. It started innocently enough when the little ringy-holder-thing that I strung my necklaces on just broke. How dare it!! Then all those necklaces just layed in a pile....clarify...a LARGE pile on my dresser. Poor things just lay there so helpless and I was so neglectful for an overly long time. I could kick myself for not taking a pic of the mess. It was kinda unbelievable. When do I wear that many necklaces??!!
I sorted those glam accessories and hung them up and we are all happier. I had the hooks quite a while and just needed to get a drill and the level all in the same place at the same time. One must have a level so our hooks will be all lined up perfectly, or at least, pretty darn close. Really! I love to make my own necklaces and then I also acquired my grandmother's pieces. A few of my great-grandmother's necklaces and ear-bobs are included in the mix. I just love the word - ear-bobs. It is so quaint and a flashback to another generation. They actually tightened by screwing the back on to tighten onto your earlobe.This all took place on the inside of a cabinet door. There is a space between the inside of the door and the shelf. It is perfect for my necklaces to hang and not get crushed. And I know you are asking where the masking tape fits into the solution? I used it to make the markings for the drill holes and I just forgot to move it out of the way. What!!?? I just can't think of everything and I was just so excited to get a shot of this organization project before it gets away from me again. Oh yeah, and if you're just thinking that ain't so many necklaces? What is hanging is only a very small portion and I will be drilling some more hooks on about 4 more doors!

I had borrowed this earring organizer from a friend to see how well it would work for me. So far, so good. The little notches and holes are rather practical for different types of earrings. It helps me to see when I should be searching for a lost partner. If it continues to work, I will give it a face lift of paint and fabric and give it a permanent home.

Fav saying: Don't straighten the mess! You'll confuse me and screw up my world!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday afternoon drive...

My Sunday afternoon drives have been replaced with browsing through blog land lately. I love a glimpse into each of these blogger's life. It's like peaking through the windows of a beautiful home down the block. I came across Cre8ors Touch and love the art created here and there is a giveaway to boot! Click on the bunny banner to the right and it should link you to the site. Enjoy.

I leave you with a quick trip of a moment we'd like to see again....the elusive thing called rain, but perhaps not so much of it this time around. We are praying it will arrive this evening.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Goodies in the Mail

Today, I got a package in the mail. It's like a mini Christmas in a box. This past week Mindy at Primitiques 'n Poetry had a garage sale. Now, this could be dangerous to go to garage sales and never leave my desk chair. And to shop at midnight in your jammies is extra special. I scored a few goodies that I love. I really like cobalt blue glass in my kitchen. I will take a pic soon of that collection for a post. Then I have to confess that I also love black glass. Amethyst glass in particular is my favorite and is getting harder to find. But any black glass will work and she had this plate on a milk glass base as a server with the cute beaded knife. Love it. This also ties in my growing collection of white milk glass. Do you see a common thread going on here, it is GLASS. I can't help it, it just finds it's way home with me everywhere I go. But, to break that rut, I jumped out and grabbed this METAL scrub board. It is adorable and I plan that it will go in my laundry room. Thanks for the online garage sales Mindy.
Which gave me the idea that I can post some of the crazy little items that have collected around my house. They are multiplying like rabbits! If you are interested in purchasing any of them, just email me. Watch my side bar for new additions as I can get them photoshopped. (If that is such a word...makes sense to me!)
Check this out....
This little memo board is a decorative black frame highlighted with a touch of silver. The fabric backing has a western theme with a sage green ribbon. It is 8 3/4 X 6 3/4" at the outside edges of frame. The back has a sawtooth hanger.
This piece is $6.
I used vintage linens to create several accent pillows. This one is a pale aqua fine linen with embroidery and decorative edge.
The measurement is 11 X 7". I made a pillow insert that is removable. The pillow insert is striped pillow ticking stuffed with polyester fiberfill. It creates a very quaint look.
This aqua accent pillow is $12.
and Last selection for today....

I made several of these watches. There are a few different color combos and no 2 are alike! I can send pics of the assortment if you want more options. These get a lot of attention and add some kick to your accessories.
This hot pink one is a dupioni silk foundation with a variety of kicker colors. The band is about 1" wide and silver on the watch parts.
Watch is $15.MORE TO COME
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cooking Experiments

My friend Cindy and I were yammering on the tellie while I was cooking this afternoon. She insisted that I take pics. So funny of her, well here is my stab at photo-cooking. I now know I probably don't have a future as a food stylist, first I can't imagine 'styling' the food and second, I'd eat the props!

I have always loved to try out new recipes since forever. I have to cull quite a few, but once in a while a real winner comes along. I found this winner at Cherry Hill Cottage. It is a Chicken Pot Pie that is actually easy peasy and delish!!

I loved it because it didn't take a ton of ingredients. I had nearly everything already in my cupboards.

As you can see this thing is about to overflow and I haven't even put the topping on it. I divided it between 2 casseroles to make this more manageable.Now, whip up the Bisquick topping with no less than a full stick of butter!! Yum, no wonder it's so tasty.

Voila! A masterpiece. You can grab the recipe here. It's worth the trip across blog land. Bon Apetit!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yeah for Upgrade!!

Shopping list in hand I make a trek to Big City to check a few things off. The top of the list is a new web cam, because you can apparently wear them out? Or maybe I just had too many days of no makeup and hair askew with a clippy.
WELL....DH decided to tag along and boy does that change the shopping program. First, I make a bee line to the proper dept. and decide the least expensive web cam is perfectly fine. Since, I know there are many more scary hair days ahead and that is apparently what is breaking this electronic device. DH is all about UPGRADE! Well, to make a long scenario much shorter, we manage to make it out of that dept. with the original selection. A first ever and I am feeling very smug to have saved a few $$$$. Ha Ha Ha Ha..........
Do you relate to my hysterical laughing? Get the BIG Picture now? We obviously didn't make it past the TV dept. and that wasn't even on our way out of the Big Box store!! How did this happen? Well, I confess that I do like the larger screen and it fits perfectly in the space allotted. I had discussed the option of changing the big honkin stereo speakers to a smaller size that would fit the space better when completed.....Well.....
Boy! I got smaller alright! These 2 little babies put out the sound. WooHoo. Yeah for upgrades!
These were not planned purchases and the item hadn't even been brought up in ANY conversation ever. DH is serious impulse buyer, ha ha. Now, I am still trying to figure out what was on that tv when I snapped that pic....looks like something from outer space.
Oh yeah, my new smaller and less expensive web cam works beautifully and great for family conversations.