Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chester at play

Here is the update on our little rescue cat, Chester. I had forgotten how entertaining a kitten can be and every day we have a great laugh at kitty's expense. We must keep in mind it is a country cat and it's fav toys are a semi-round rock and owl feathers that we find in the yard. Nothin's too good for this cat!! I had a couple of toys I keep here for our 'grand-cat' when it comes to visit and I pulled those out for Chester and she loves to chase the balls around. It's lip has healed well and will have a scar. It's broken leg isn't bothering her too much and isn't causing any pain. I do believe it is getting much stronger with it's pampered diet and constant play.

Just this week her safe zone enlarged a bit and she will accompany us to collect veggies. She is thinking she is a panther and the garden is her jungle. We have been lunged upon from the asparagus more than once and our giant zucchini plant is perfect shade for supervising us.
Chester kitty needs to learn to help with the house now that gardening is perfected.
A final thought....A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was clearing a stack of goodies in one area of my workroom and moving it to another stack on the other side of the same space... oh, to be so organized!!! I look at this wedding pillow and all the embroidery I love doing and was trying to think when I last picked up needle and silk threads!! I can't remember!! OM. I am going to move that up the list of TTD (things to do). I did get sidetracked to making some really cute watch bracelets. take a peak at the fun I've had with this inspiration from a friend.
I have listed the pillow in my shoppe I am getting my new shoppe set up and it is a struggle with my project list so long and somehow are we supposed to get housework done??? I think not.
I have an update on the original designer of these watches: Barbara Matthiessen featured in Belle Armoire magazine. She deserves the credit for her creativity. Thanks to you.

Yeah!!!I battled the pc Gremlins and won!! Today, anyway. Here are 2 groups of pillows made from vintage towels. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Me O My O!!!!! well , I forgot to post the sweetie pie pics of pillow fluff. I am having issues with the picture posting gremlin in my pc......GRRRRR......Will post them asap. :

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

mon petite oreiller(my little pillows)

I love vintage textiles of every variety. I have acquired a very large stash of goodies and i am re-purposing many of them into decorative accents around the casa. I came across several cotton and linen accent towels with beautiful details. They were screaming "Make me into a pillow slip!!". Well......., I am not one to refuse a vintage linen. For the perfect complement to their age, I made each one a custom little pillow to tuck inside and I used pillow ticking....of course.

If you want one, just give a hollar by email.

Monday, July 14, 2008

recycling in the sewing room

Hi y'all, come on in. I have been paintin and threadin in the last couple of days. Besides spoilin Chester. I am in the middle of project heaven. Do you also have 20 (or more) projects on your to do list??? Welcome to the Normal Club, because that is the norm in this space. I am trying soooo hard to clear my space in my sewing room. It is time for a serious makeover in here. That is a whole other post in the future.

Last night around 10, I get this urge to make this ottoman. Why does that happen so late, when I had been lazing around all afternoon!!! Anyway, I have a new tuffet in which to sit upon. I have been able to recycle all of this from prior projects which I always am psyched about. The feet are finials from an old window treatment. I have a few of those left, so something else will soon have some little bun feet to rest their laurels upon.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

apron sewing frenzy

I started pulling out fabrics and one thing led to another. I have put together 2 cute aprons with a definite western flair. I started pulling out fabrics and one thing led to another. Now, add a couple of piles of trims to sort through and I decide on classic ric rac for accents. You just can't go wrong with ric rac! I have a pile of fabrics and then the trims and they are growing larger in front of me as I watch. And this is just for one simple apron....which turned into 2. You know how those things evolve and now I have groupings for a few more of these cuties. I will get these put together and have them ready for sale soon. Check back often. Thanks for coming by for a visit. Terri

Thursday, July 10, 2008

unscheduled project

we woke up to LOUD and desperate meows a couple of mornings ago. this sweet thing had been abandoned in our part of the country. and i do with not much civilization. i wish people would be more responsible for another life, whether it meows or barks!!! poor thing has a torn up lip (not visible from the photo angle) and a prior broken leg we suspect. since it has a gimpy leg we have named it Chester. a lot has happened in it's short little life.

well, his little life has improved immensly in the last 48 hrs. he is eating well and sleeping as a kitten should. thanks to internet, we are learning what a kitten this young needs and maybe we can help it's survival rate!! it started playing with a small toy and is content when we are around.

this guy has to stay outside due to my intense allergies to kitties and cats. he has staked out a very safe corner of our garage and comes out when called for his meals. woohoo, what a quick study. food works everytime for all of us.

well, here's to the celebration of life and the little gifts that are presented to us along the way.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

just jump in

i have dabbled at a blog and to no avail. my blogging name has me stumped. a name i have used for so many years in doing my custom work and crafts sends you to a porn site when used on the web!!! How Dare Them!! anyway....i love REcreating old junque.

today a little shelf got a redo and I forgot to take it's before shot. it wouldn't have liked me to show off it's ugly side pre-makeover anyway.

i hadn't decoupaged in quite a while and need more practice, but it's always fun to peel off the glue from your fingers. the opposite side has artichokes. i couldn't let something pass by without a little rub n buff. LOVE that stuff.

this all started with a cool paper that found me by way of a good friend. YEAH for good friends!

thanks for stopping by and please send ALL hints on blogging my way!! it will be so much appreciated. i'll get there eventually by the meandering path.