Saturday, July 25, 2009

Corny goodness and other good stuff

I had the most terrific news this past week. I had received this awesome and inspiring magazine from The Vintage Studio. I was doing a happy dance for winning this totally cool gift. I have nearly read all the words and pictures off the pages. Thank you Sharon!!
The garden is in full swing and we definitely reap the benefits daily. DH harvested a few ears of corn the other day that were so yummy. There is nothing like fresh corn on the cob. We have some form of squash daily and will have to begin to put up some in the freezer before long. And then we have peppers....and more peppers....and....oh well, you get the picture. ONE pepper plant alone could feed the community and we have several. UGH.
The corn stalks are always so pretty at this point and the DH insisted I get in the picture. I prefer to hide among the stalks with Chester The Cat.

This is my chore this morning. Putting up this first cutting of corn. Most of it is perfect and won't be cut off the cob.

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misselaineous said...

Hey Terri...SssOoooo...what time's dinner?? Yummy looking produce! *elaine*