Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love in the P O box

Howdy.  I have been busy, busy.  The sweat shop closed temporarily so the jewelry shop could open.  You DO understand this involves clearing my work table from one crisis and preparing for the next disaster.  I never seem to work neatly and must have all my inspiration scattered about.

I posted the jewelry that I and my BFF, Heather put together over on Sassy Tumbleweed.   Jump on over check out that mayhem!

I get to share an ATC I received from Leila West.  The month of February was the theme of Love.   She also sent along a cute postcard she created.  Love it.  Thanks a ton.Feb-atc-and-goodie

Isn’t the couple so sweet?  Sigh…….I just love getting these little gifts from heaven in my Mail Box each month.  It is a guaranteed smile every time.Feb-ATC-Love

This is the card I have sent her way…much belated.  I did a simpler style this month in the thought process of Valentines made in elementary school and exchanged with your bestest friends.Feb-Love

I am no sooner finally getting a post on my blog than I have to confess I am hitting the road again.  I think this is the longest stretch to actually be home for me.  I do try to stay home during these bad weather months though.  You wouldn’t think it is the middle of winter around here in our part of Texas with the awesome warm sunny days we have had this week.  Yee Haw is all I gotta say about that!

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