Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New 2010

Round up yur posse gals.....a new year is a comin'!!
Lace up your corsets and powder your nose.
Don't forget the spurs, the fancies will do fine for a night on the town.
Now, be safe and kick up yur heels once last time for 2009!
Don't forget where you parked your horse and make it safe back to the corral.
We'll see ya back here next year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A white Christmas in our neck of the woods high plains, is quite rare. We were blessed with beautiful snow, but I'd pass on the blizzard winds next time! Brrrr, it was freezing and we lost power AND internet service! Oh my! We got power back in a few hours, but the internet??.....not for 4 lonely and very quiet days. Alas, we are back in the cyber world today.
The 'down' time allowed us to relax and enjoy the moment by the fireside. I contemplate so many blessings in my life. As this new year is on our doorstep....I am THANKFUL.
I am Thankful for our Saviour that affords us the hope for eternal salvation.
I am sending forth good wishes and tidings to all my friends. It is the time to spend with friends and family and rekindle relationships. Cherish your moments and share your love openly.
I reflect on my family angels more now than ever. My daughter is a Blessing to me every day. Her humor keeps me entertained and her down to earth responsibility makes me so very proud. My son has served 3 tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and has returned home to continue his service stateside. He has a beautiful family and has blessed us with a most entertaining grand-daughter. I admire his Honor and Duty to family and country.
My Dear Husband is my soul-mate. I am happy to share our time together.
Just thoughts passing through and reflections I wanted to share as
we begin a Happy New Year!