Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today, I grabbed the ole keyboard and am doing some dusting. You say...Keyboard?, she's crazy? Of course, but I have so neglected this posting spot of insanities. I will lay some blame on having severe difficulties on posting pics. Blogger is fighting me on every pic! Ugh! Or could it be the Vista that I am not used to on the new computer? Yeeeaahhhh, that's the ticket! I miss XP, mainly because I am an old dog that isn't so adept at learning a new trick. I digress from my complaining to share some cool things I uncovered out of an old box. It has been stashed in storage and never cleaned up to see what I had, until now. I found a lot of old movie star photos with signatures. Someone really had a hobby going here collecting these promotion pics. I can't believe how well preserved they have remained under the layers of dust! That now validates why I DON'T dust my house. I am saving my furniture for posterity. haha, we'll see how long that excuse plays.
And then we have the tiered serving cart. I picked it up at an estate sale and it is in mint condition. I would have loved to load up the building that it was stored in also because it was extremely well organized. Alas, my car has a limit to what I can stuff in it. I just love this cart for it's lovely pale yellow. I know it will be a workhorse for me holding supplies. The large cookie tins on the bottom will be painted and probably monogrammed. I think that is project #2,357, just in case you're counting.
I hope to see y'all SOONER than later.

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My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Terri. Nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my give away. I took a peek at your wonderful blog...your sewing projects are beautiful! Sharon