Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Next Verse, Same Song?

I have another chapter in the "why I've been gone so long" saga. I had mentioned that I was able to swerve by a couple of garage sales. That was besides the one I helped with in Justin with my dear SIL. I had snagged the berry basket for just pennies and then hit the mother load of flatware for just a tad bit of elbow grease to uncover the treasure. Phew! It is a complete set..nearly..just short a couple of pieces. Shockeroo. I will clean several of these pieces up and probably use them. Now, the piece in question is the wooden plaque thingy with the swivel hooks. I am assuming it is a tie holder in it's original life? If you have another tidbit of info, I would appreciate the heads up. My favorite find is the pair of sconces. One is missing the center nut cover, but I am sure there is some decorative alternative to fill in the void. I love the plug in outlet on each one. I am thinking I will be using these in a farm house redo I have on the back burner of my 1000 projects.
In the stop by my house to repack my bags for another road trip...I had a package waiting and it was this awesome charm. Tina Wright made these and sent them to the first few registrants for the Paper Cowgirl retreat. This is a great prelude to a great weekend that is just around the corner and down the road. Yee Haw!
It got a bit dark before I could gather up all the other garage sale goodies. I will corral those and snag a pic tomorrow and share some more goodies.
Thanks for stopping by y'all!

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cindy said...

Great finds! Looking forward to seeing ya next week! :D

yapping cat