Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Way back last fall, I was soooo lucky and I won a contest at Junk Camp. This little beauty was my entry for re-purposed goodies. Ki Nausauer awarded me a gift certificate to spend at Junk Revolution. After much nail-biting and hem-hawing, I could no longer resist the messenger bag and the book, Decorating Junk Market Style.
I also picked up a typewriter key with my initial that I forgot to put in the photo...so quit looking at the photo with your magnifying glass!! I love it and intend to add a couple of other goodies to the necklace to keep it company. OH,oh,oh...and I also purchased one of the t-shirts. I almost forgot about that one only because I am sitting here wearing it as I type. DOH!! It is so soft and comfy. Loving it tons.
It just goes to show..you never know when LUCK will cross your path. Ain't I the lucky dog. You must jump over to visit Ki at her blog and check things out.

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Jill said...

I would have probably chosen the same items! Fun items!