Monday, July 13, 2009

junkin around

I have a goldmine of cool stuff right under my nose. And what a goldmine it is!! My neighbor has opened the doors on an old house that stores all her treasures. She has a lot of goodies for sale and the prices are awesome. This collection has amassed from family, friends, estate sales and auctions and maybe even a ditch or two. Here is a shot of just one corner of the kitchen and out of sight is a great collection of buffalo china and Hull pottery and some of the other brown pottery pieces. I am not so proficient on knowing all the names of the pieces.
In the living room is this armoire filled with more yummy stuff. The armoire has beautiful doors that we have temporarily removed for display purposes. Don't worry, that floor really isn't quite that crooked and things aren't sliding out the back door. I will try and concentrate on close-up pics next time I get over there.
These old doors put together are perfect for display and are still a work in progress because we have ideas of cutting out a couple of panels perhaps.
This is only a taste of all the delicacies offered and I promise to get some better pics that can show off the variety available. I know Dougherty (in the panhandle) is on everyone's path to nowhere. So, when you drive on through or are planning to visit our little bump in the road as your 'go-to' place.....just call and my neighbor will be glad to open up the doors, since there aren't regular hours. It is a catch, as catch can situation so calling ahead is most important.
Oh yea, and her name? Well, I'll go ahead and share that info too...since you insist....
Tomi Covington
call ahead to visit:
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