Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Garden Goodies

A study in green today for all of you. The green beans are doing well and this is my morning chore and will be for several days.
This day ended up being ALL green and I couldn't resist the pic of all the yumminess and richness of the same color.Recently, I came across an old booklet of 'suggestions' for the new Texas Tech coed. We must keep in mind this booklet was published in the 1930's. There are suggestions about personal appearance, courtesy, and the house rules of the dormitories among other tidbits of information for the well-rounded young lady. I'm not talking about a gal who's been eating too many Twinkies either! I will try to remember to add a couple of these tidbits to my blog occasionally for an added chuckle...or two.
The first page even starts off with a bang letting the gal know that what she needs to bring for a COMPLETE wardrobe is 2 skirts, 3 sweaters and 2 or 3 'wash' blouses. I've never heard that term before, but I can bet the sales clerk at the boutique would do a double take if I go in and ask to see their 'wash' blouses!! It goes on to let you know to use your discretion and get these in colors that will harmonize as to create several different costumes. OK, now I know I'll need a party hat NOW!! In the first place I can't see girls today taking so few items! Another tidbit of info that hasn't changed at all is the head's up about Lubbock weather. It states clearly that the changes in Lubbock weather are swift and you may find it necessary to carry a heavy coat to put on before the game is over. That nails it on the head for sure. I've always laughed at how we wear our coats over a layer of shorts and tank tops around here!

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