Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Trails

Ahhhh, Paper Cowgirl Retreat is gone into the sunset again....until next year..  I am still on the road and I can't wait to post some of my pics when I can download all my stuff at home.   Thanks for the patience and stop back soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Swaps R Fun

The Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat is just nearly here and I've been breaking a sweat getting ready for the swaps that are such a bonus gift of fun.  It is an exercise in creativity for me and pushes me out of my 'safe' box of art.  I actually woke up a few braincells in the process.  Quit laughing, I know they were hard to find in the first place!!
I found last year that the act of giving away my little bits of art were my inspiration to do more and inspired me to go further creatively when I was exposed to so many extremely talented gals that weekend.  I bow down to their awesome skills.  The thrill of keeping a secret is fun, but I am bursting to share what projects I have been working on in my sweat shop.  Most evenings found me staying up til 1 or 2 a.m. to complete these little art extravaganza's.  It was fun time spent and a guarantee that I would fall into bed with exhaustion and be asleep instantly.  Bonus for me with no tossing and turning.  I just love when that happens...the instant sleep part, not the tossing and turning.
So....I am bursting with excitement to share a snippet of my projects.
I am always at a loss for the presentation of a swap after I've slaved over it's creation.  This is a little envelope I created from a vintage dresser scarf.  It was the perfect size...meant to be.  It holds a cuff I created for my swap partner. 
I loved that she also liked turquoise and reds like myself.  After much deliberation, I went with the shades of turquoise and blues.  I used  several silks and threw in some silk ribbon embroidery and wonderful laces.   Yum, I won't reveal the complete cuff yet cause I still love a surprise.  I will reveal the completed pieces after the retreat at the end of this month.  So you'll have to be patient with the tease.  Forgive me.  tee hee.
Then I have to introduce my paper dolls.  These gals have all assumed a serious attitude and personality since they first escaped the printer as bare-bones unassuming paper dolls.  You give a girl some sassy clothes and boots and I am here to tell ya they have been strutting their stuff around the work table.
A couple of them look like they may have been hanging around the saloon a bit and couldn't stand up straight.  I have them scheduled for a photo shoot and they will come back for an encore soon.
These late nights have also included ATC's (artist trading cards).  I am in love with these mini works of art.  I often pull out the ones I have received from friends and enjoy looking at them.  With all the artist's information included, they are like elegant business cards....the type you would actually cry to lose.

This series is called Too Hot to Handle.  For the presentation, I created mini hot pads so she wouldn't burn ya.  ha ha.  I had the big idea to cut out each word and paste individually...which I did X 20 cards!!  OK, with that experience behind me.  I now know some words are easier to find than others.  Size is the next issue, these words are teensie tiny and I had to use tweezers just to place them.  Ai Yi Yi!!
That said, please don't call me to prepare your ransom note with cut out letters.  It is safe to say there will be NO RANSOM note painstakingly created with exacto knife, glue and tweezers with an occasional magnifying glass needed for good measure.  I will just chalk this one up as a learning lesson.  (smiling)
Phew,  it's been busy and I also have a napkin swap and vintage trims that I bundled up.  No pics yet, so I'll round those goodies up soon.  OH yeah, and the Blossom swap.  Wowza, I already have those packed and ready to travel.  My head is swirling and I need to start gathering stuff together for classes.  I'll yak with ya in a bit and share the other pics.  Thanks for stopping by for a chit chat.