Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thanks for the votes and good wishes

I was shamefully begging for votes here.  Well, the votes were counted and it became obvious that Dee Dee stuffed the ballot box and maybe pay offs?  hmm, OH, that was me!  sorry for any incriminations.  Just funning!  She made a really cute box container for her ATC’s.

Full Cabinet[1]

Congrats to her and her clever idea!

I appreciate my followers and voters.  Y’all are the bestest friends a gal can have.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peez and Tank uu

The past week was spent in great fun and absence from blogging and anything but checking emails.   The days were spent with this Sweet One. 

cuteness on the run  The action shot shows exactly what we were doing most of the time….we were ON THE GO!  A 2 yr. old has stamina, a 56 yr. old does NOT.

We have expanded our vocabulary with precious little words like hungy  (hungry, and that means 5 min. ago), rose ( a new one meaning those which applies to everything she points to).  Peez and Tank U are her constant words which make evident what a good job her parents are doing.  Wuv U and her little kisses melts our hearts at every turn.  I REALLY miss her already.

Phew, we had the greatest time though and I wouldn’t trade a moment.  She’s back at home now keeping her parents on the go for now.  I’m recuperating for the next visit…soon.

So back to the sweat shop….

For relaxation I get to work in my art space.  I’ve had these prisms for a while with this project in mind and finally tackled it.  I love the finished product.  They are nice heavy glass prisms and look great just on ribbons or a chain.   I see a little more embellishment on a couple of them hanging on a chain and some extra goodies added.  


I like the softer colors of this robin.  2 7/8” tall X 2” across is the size of the smaller prisms like this one.






prism cowgirl2


This cowgirl is on the larger prism.  It measures 3 3/4” tall X 2 3/8” across the widest point.







Saloon Gal with an added piece of vintage jewelry.





This poppy shows up beautifully in real life.  You must look past my not so fab photography.  I have found that these prisms along with some shiny bits of vintage jewelry are a bit tricky to photograph.  Hint…any helpful tips will be greatly appreciated by the way!!


I thank you for stopping by for a chit chat.  I’d love to have your comments from you fellow LURKERS. 

Amy you know who you are!!!  teehee



Go here and check out an awesome blog of inspiration.  Donna is having a great giveaway.  I have lurked her blog a LOT and you will love it also.  Be sure and Follow her…AND me too!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Spookiness on Monday

front-door Welcome….to Spooky Monday hosted by Wendy’s adventure in Wonderland and a view of my porch from last year.  I am pondering my theme this year and have started digging out the spookiness from storage.

punkin-man This cute guy gets to greet everyone as they arrive.

hardware-punkin This little creation was created for a decor contest one year.  I think her cousin may show up this year for a visit through October.

wood-punkins But for now, we have pumpkins everywhere for the fall season.  The foundation for all my decorations through November.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leaves ATC swap

The month of September was a them of Leaves at BlissfullAtcSwaps.  My swap partner was Bobbi Ann at The Bead Goes On blog.  She sent me a beautiful card and lots of goodies along with it.  Yay for me!

leaves atc 1

Look at these adorable earring she sent!  Luv ‘em!  A sticker sheet, leaves shapes and buttons along with a couple of ATC papers in the theme. 

leaves atc 3 

This is the back of the card.  Thanks Bobbi Ann, you did an awesome job.  With the fall art projects on the table, I’ll use all these goodies soon.

leaves atc 2

I sent this package to Bobbi Ann in exchange.

I love using watercolour pencils and building the colors with such soft edges as needed.

Next month the theme is ‘Dark’.  Hmmm, October, Halloween, Dark….that all works for me!

Thanks for dropping by and go by Sassy Tumbleweed for a tutorial on how to make your own ATC storage book as seen here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shamelessly begging for VOTES

Blissful ATC Swaps is having a competition among the submissions from it’s members. It involves ATC holders/storage possibilities. I enjoyed making this holder for my collection of ATC’s.


I submitted my little creation for a contest among other ATC holders. If I am to win this little competition and garner a most superlicious prize…I MUST have your vote! You can now visualize me on the floor with hands clasped.

TO VOTE: please email that you want Terri’s altered book to win because it is just awesome and you would want one too if you collected ATC’s. OK, ok, you don’t have to say all of that but it did sound pretty good. Your email comment will count as a vote. Easy Peasy Pleasey!


Here is a close up of the front page. I have an extra folded pocket in the front and I can also tuck ATC’s or tags into the angle folded pages.


My book is already filling up nicely.


But I have room for more.


The back of each page is where I keep neat name tags, moo cards from friends and other cute paraphernalia from the presentations.


The exterior of this particular book had a lot of character already. I just used a few pieces of ephemera to cover titles. It will soon fold back on itself and this part won’t be so noticeable anyway.

Well, I think that went quite well as far as begging shamelessly. You can now visualize me hanging onto your leg as you are trying to escape.

Just jump over to Blissfull ATC swap and then send them an email to to cast your vote for my altered book holder/display.

Thank you very much. Adieu.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chaos = Creativity

I am releasing a photo into the creative world that I know I may snatch back with the delete button.  But, I was actually laughing so hard and was inspired to take the pic in the first place.  There is an order to my chaos that could be revealed under the 3 layers of projects.  Many of you see it or feel it and are shaking your heads in acknowledgement.  What is crazy here is the amount of space that is my work space.

My table is actually a door.  There is plenty of depth to work even with my machines all lined up against the wall, although  I did have to move my serger to make room for ‘stuff’.  Everything I need is within easy reach.  Under the table are my plastic drawers which pertain mainly to sewing paraphernalia.  To my left and out of view is a tall dresser where I keep gluey stuff, coloring things and cutting implements.  I have a plastic type portable table to my right to hold supplies.  Now, if you can zero in where the paper cutter is, you can see that I have created such a mess that I was working in an area about 12” square.  How does this happen??!!  It started out with plenty of space an hour earlier.  It dawned on me what had happened when I was considering retrieving my TV tray for more room to work on and I just started laughing.  I couldn’t help it.  This wasn’t even an intensive art project, but a gathering of materials for kits. 


My craziness is now exposed.  My finger is hovering over the delete post button…….perhaps I will take a pic of the cleaned up and organized table to reprieve myself.

I know I am not alone in this craziness because of my friend Jan and this.  Ahhhhh, thanks Jan for making me fell ‘normal’ in our crafty world.

Welcome to my World

P.S. In order to redeem myself, I have cleared my space and want to show it in it’s best light.  Everything is put in it’s place and I promise it is not in a huge pile BEHIND the photographer.  hmmm, I should have taken a validation photo for that statement.  haha.  Really, the reason is the Sweet One will be here for a visit in a couple of days and it must be made toddler proof.  Or at least to the best of my ability!  She’ll undoubtedly double check the system. 


Phew, Now onto the next child-proofing project.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Moo for yoo!

What a great birthday goody that arrived in my mailbox.  Moo Cards! 


I finally got around to ordering these little goodies and I am not disappointed. 


I just really LUV receiving these from my friends and so why not pass them along from moi?!  I stuck with mostly a Texas theme and a couple of favorite still shots that I had in my files. 

Now to create the perfect moo card holder, so I’m off to my studio to pull out the stash of stuff that I just put away.  Why do I bother?!!

Have a brand new terrific day today!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This day is a day to light a candle in memory…….


and a candle in celebration….


I asked for Carrot Cake and I got it.  He still makes me laugh!  Thanks for the ‘healthy’ (sort of) chocolate sweetie.

I appreciate all the birthday wishes today.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Local Looks

Out here on the Plains of Texas near the bump in the road we call home there once was a house....
I think that front screen door probably slammed shut a jillion times in its lifetime. I imagine young children running in the yard, perhaps chasing the chickens and gathering the chicks.
The sounds of a creeking windmill pulling much-needed water from the ground.
The end of it's road of life and tales it could tell.
Memories to remind us to cherish what passes by us each day is a treasure to behold.
Just some thoughts.
Thanks for stopping by for a chit chat.