Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chester at play

Here is the update on our little rescue cat, Chester. I had forgotten how entertaining a kitten can be and every day we have a great laugh at kitty's expense. We must keep in mind it is a country cat and it's fav toys are a semi-round rock and owl feathers that we find in the yard. Nothin's too good for this cat!! I had a couple of toys I keep here for our 'grand-cat' when it comes to visit and I pulled those out for Chester and she loves to chase the balls around. It's lip has healed well and will have a scar. It's broken leg isn't bothering her too much and isn't causing any pain. I do believe it is getting much stronger with it's pampered diet and constant play.

Just this week her safe zone enlarged a bit and she will accompany us to collect veggies. She is thinking she is a panther and the garden is her jungle. We have been lunged upon from the asparagus more than once and our giant zucchini plant is perfect shade for supervising us.
Chester kitty needs to learn to help with the house now that gardening is perfected.
A final thought....A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.

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Maggie R said...

Chester is a cutie..... Wish I had a cat but DH won't agree!! DURN!!
We use to have a Scotch Terrier"Angus" Too heart broken when we lost him so never got another..:-{