Thursday, July 10, 2008

unscheduled project

we woke up to LOUD and desperate meows a couple of mornings ago. this sweet thing had been abandoned in our part of the country. and i do with not much civilization. i wish people would be more responsible for another life, whether it meows or barks!!! poor thing has a torn up lip (not visible from the photo angle) and a prior broken leg we suspect. since it has a gimpy leg we have named it Chester. a lot has happened in it's short little life.

well, his little life has improved immensly in the last 48 hrs. he is eating well and sleeping as a kitten should. thanks to internet, we are learning what a kitten this young needs and maybe we can help it's survival rate!! it started playing with a small toy and is content when we are around.

this guy has to stay outside due to my intense allergies to kitties and cats. he has staked out a very safe corner of our garage and comes out when called for his meals. woohoo, what a quick study. food works everytime for all of us.

well, here's to the celebration of life and the little gifts that are presented to us along the way.

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Maggie R said...

well you sure get a blue ribbon for rescuing Chester.... It really is a shame how people have no feelings when they abandon these poor wee souls.