Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paintin gourds

In our part of Texas, you can feel the cool fall approaching. The temps are staying below 100 and there is a hint of cool. I suspect that may be the air conditioning whooshing through the front door to the porch, but that's beside the point. It's still coolness upon our sweaty brow.
We tested our gourd-growing abilities and met with some amount of success. I have been paintin up some of them. I love the fall and halloween and I am trying to get a few gourds slapped with color. Every year at this time, I get to planning my annual Halloween Party. Now, you must know that I have yet to actually have this party. But, I still add to the plans and anticipate the day I will be able to put this baby together. I want some of these cutie gourds around the place. I just am so busy in the fall and time gets away and then Christmas is barking at my door!!! I am making plans anyway and imagine all the great fun I shall have.
Here is scary pumpkin and he is wondering where that ghost went. I am going to see how Chester Cat will be at posing with some of these pieces and will post soon. I may put some of these on Etsy or just email to purchase.
Enjoy the day and just plan a party and all the guests and laughter.

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