Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was clearing a stack of goodies in one area of my workroom and moving it to another stack on the other side of the same space... oh, to be so organized!!! I look at this wedding pillow and all the embroidery I love doing and was trying to think when I last picked up needle and silk threads!! I can't remember!! OM. I am going to move that up the list of TTD (things to do). I did get sidetracked to making some really cute watch bracelets. take a peak at the fun I've had with this inspiration from a friend.
I have listed the pillow in my shoppe I am getting my new shoppe set up and it is a struggle with my project list so long and somehow are we supposed to get housework done??? I think not.
I have an update on the original designer of these watches: Barbara Matthiessen featured in Belle Armoire magazine. She deserves the credit for her creativity. Thanks to you.

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Maggie R said...

These pieces are beautiful...
I use to do watch bands a few centuries ago!! VBG Funny how we move on as other things grab our attention.