Wednesday, July 9, 2008

just jump in

i have dabbled at a blog and to no avail. my blogging name has me stumped. a name i have used for so many years in doing my custom work and crafts sends you to a porn site when used on the web!!! How Dare Them!! anyway....i love REcreating old junque.

today a little shelf got a redo and I forgot to take it's before shot. it wouldn't have liked me to show off it's ugly side pre-makeover anyway.

i hadn't decoupaged in quite a while and need more practice, but it's always fun to peel off the glue from your fingers. the opposite side has artichokes. i couldn't let something pass by without a little rub n buff. LOVE that stuff.

this all started with a cool paper that found me by way of a good friend. YEAH for good friends!

thanks for stopping by and please send ALL hints on blogging my way!! it will be so much appreciated. i'll get there eventually by the meandering path.


chrisangerer said...

Terri, love your work. If I think of a good name for your business I'll send it your way.

terri said...

thank you for input. Notice this interim title is NOT the one that sends us off course. haha, but it does cover a lot of what I love in one title.