Monday, July 14, 2008

recycling in the sewing room

Hi y'all, come on in. I have been paintin and threadin in the last couple of days. Besides spoilin Chester. I am in the middle of project heaven. Do you also have 20 (or more) projects on your to do list??? Welcome to the Normal Club, because that is the norm in this space. I am trying soooo hard to clear my space in my sewing room. It is time for a serious makeover in here. That is a whole other post in the future.

Last night around 10, I get this urge to make this ottoman. Why does that happen so late, when I had been lazing around all afternoon!!! Anyway, I have a new tuffet in which to sit upon. I have been able to recycle all of this from prior projects which I always am psyched about. The feet are finials from an old window treatment. I have a few of those left, so something else will soon have some little bun feet to rest their laurels upon.

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