Monday, October 6, 2008

junk stash

What a great weekend for 'junkin'. I made a serious haul of good stuff to redo and use this Saturday. I have been cleaning all of it in prep for a glamorizing makeover. I forgot to take the before pic of when I got it unloaded and piled up on the front porch. Poor DH was observing from afar. Very afar away!
The basket was a necessity for the garden to haul veggies. The garden is out of control producing great stuff by the way. The sconces will see new life in a different color. The brass hook rack is really a good size and I will just hang it as is......but where.......?

Then I find this great set of dishes for 4. These are primo condition. I look forward to setting all the place mats and napkins to show them off. I am a sucker for expandable trivets. This one is not an expensive one to start with, but sooooooo practical. It will handle a large casserole dish easily and that time of year is around the corner.

This nice meat slicer was the best buy of the day. I don't know that I really need it that often, but it was like new and I couldn't resist a great deal. It may be passed along eventually

The little silver container was such a cute shape and I know it will hold something that is so necessary on my worktable. The irresistible classic plastic frames....what can I say? I shunned them for years, but they now pose as a quest to redo them into a more dignified life. Paint and rub 'n buff and 'leafing' them have created some really nice results.
I have projects to complete today and I'll post some more of my finds later. Enjoy today.

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