Monday, October 20, 2008

Monogrammed Halloween Pumpkins

I got my Halloween pumpkins monogrammed and placed outside. I'd had the 'B' for our name, but then decided it could say Boo for now. The smaller ones will be turned around and rearranged for the fall. For now, Chester is thinking this looks great. These were easy-peasy. Of course, I forgot to take pics of the process, but you can do this blindfolded.
First, you need a pumpkin(s),paper printed with fav font,permanent marker pen, stylus or a dried up ball-point pen to trace design, carbon paper, pieces of tape to hold paper in place:

I copied the Parchment font and made it super large to fit my pumpkin. Tape a piece of carbon paper to the pumpkin. A NOTE: I found the old-fashioned carbon paper to be better than Saral or wax less paper. I had to do a lot of free hand drawing because I only had the wax less type and it was hardly visible. Tape the paper with the font and trace the basic outline of Letter/Design.

Remove the papers and use a permanent marker to draw the design. I had also used black acrylic on the larger B to fill in the larger areas. After the design is finished, I spray Krylon 1311 Matte Finish sealer over the face of the pumpkin completely. I found this is the ONLY spray that will seal permanent pens and not make them RUN all over the place. Very important to get the right number 1311!

The stem of the bottom pumpkin will need to be cut off. I used a hack saw. A sharp one is definitely preferred! I had a dull one to begin with....ugh. That was a workout until I searched for a sharp one and it cut like butta!

Stack and Enjoy. Only because I couldn't find my floral clay is mine dry stacked for now. I will add that when I find it just to make it more secure.

words to ponder - Imagination is just intelligence having fun.

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Hi, I heard from Margo (Robolady) that you might be participating in my pumpkin decorating contest with Ki (formerly of Junk Market fame). I am thrilled! Please add your link to my post (link is below), and you will be entered in the contest:

Can't wait to see your entry!!