Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall

This is one SHINY mirror!! I like shine and sparkle, but this is too much for even me. I snagged it at the garage sale I was helping with this past week. They really didn't like it and didn't even think it would sell. I paid my dues and was rewarded with an awesome mirror. It is actually a very nice mirror frame...the kind all the others try to copy. It is gold leafed on plaster. Hmmm, could I have taken this to the bank and cashed it in? Too late, already painted!

I decided it needed to be toned down a bit. I glazed it first with burnt umber. That was happening around midnight last night.
Then this morning I put a coat of white acrylic over the entire frame.

It turned out just terrific. Now I can live with a little peek-a-boo gold. I picture this to be fabulous against a turquoise/aqua sorta color on the guest room wall.

I have been picking up the plastic versions of these mirrors this summer. I would have never looked twice at such baroque frillery in the past, but find them interesting in new, modern colors. I am in the process of converting one to a memo board and another will have something to do with screening. Check back for those soon.
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