Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blue for you

There is surely a blue moon somewhere in my collection, but it is camouflaged for sure. I love, love, love cobalt blue glass. As you may well know by reading past postings that almost any kind of glass is my fav too. Blue in particular makes me smile. This little stack is my cookware pieces and table settings. Notice how cleverly I stacked and crowded it together to disguise my obsession. Hmmm, quite proud of that little move there if I do say so.
The plate chargers and 2 bowls with the silver candlewick edges are from the Bombay Company. sniff, sniff...I sure miss that store. Other pieces have arrived via less glamorous places, but are holding their own here.
I have considered glass shelving across one on my windows just to enjoy how the light shines through and creates instant art.
Not to forget a few other touches of a cubby over the stove top.

A tulip container for notes and such by the phone. It is important to keep your rooster flashlight nearby, just in case!

And this hard-working beauty. This mixer is a thing of joy to me. I certainly wouldn't want to wear it out by using it and cooking or something. Heaven forbid!!

I have more, but it is packed away so as not to seem too overwhelming ...or perhaps to hide an addiction to blue glass? Hope you enjoyed the blue tour today and I may do a black and white tour soon.

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