Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweets for the sweeties

Cupid has gone and harvested some sweet little hearts for us!!
These yummy hearts of goodness were harvested from a local grocery. Boy, are they tasty too and we are just beginning.... Strawberries dipped in chocolate are Yummylicious. You just can't go wrong here folks. It's quick and easy.
Grab a few of these delicious gems and get started. I used my microwave to melt the chocolates. I worked in small batches in case they got overcooked, I wouldn't ruin too many chips. That happens WAY too often in my kitchen. At least I'm learning to cover my bases here!
Hurry them to the microwave before you eat them all straight out of the bowls!
Be careful and watch your chocolate chips and pull them out before they lose their little drop shape, but begin to get soft. At that point, stir them to a soft consistency. Not soft enough? Zap in the microwave for a couple more seconds and stir again. Now, start dipping. Voila!
I placed each berry in a mini muffin paper cup for easy handling. I prepared these for a meeting this week. We were enjoying a heart healthy focus on exercise and yummy snacks.

A learning moment to share-Ghiradelli white chocolate does NOT cooperate. EAT them alone and don't try to melt them. They do a wonky hardening that isn't pretty. Go with tried and true Nestle's chips.

Happy Valentine's Day eve!

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