Thursday, February 12, 2009

Untangling the necklaces

I've gotta confess that my jewelry has been out of control. It started innocently enough when the little ringy-holder-thing that I strung my necklaces on just broke. How dare it!! Then all those necklaces just layed in a pile....clarify...a LARGE pile on my dresser. Poor things just lay there so helpless and I was so neglectful for an overly long time. I could kick myself for not taking a pic of the mess. It was kinda unbelievable. When do I wear that many necklaces??!!
I sorted those glam accessories and hung them up and we are all happier. I had the hooks quite a while and just needed to get a drill and the level all in the same place at the same time. One must have a level so our hooks will be all lined up perfectly, or at least, pretty darn close. Really! I love to make my own necklaces and then I also acquired my grandmother's pieces. A few of my great-grandmother's necklaces and ear-bobs are included in the mix. I just love the word - ear-bobs. It is so quaint and a flashback to another generation. They actually tightened by screwing the back on to tighten onto your earlobe.This all took place on the inside of a cabinet door. There is a space between the inside of the door and the shelf. It is perfect for my necklaces to hang and not get crushed. And I know you are asking where the masking tape fits into the solution? I used it to make the markings for the drill holes and I just forgot to move it out of the way. What!!?? I just can't think of everything and I was just so excited to get a shot of this organization project before it gets away from me again. Oh yeah, and if you're just thinking that ain't so many necklaces? What is hanging is only a very small portion and I will be drilling some more hooks on about 4 more doors!

I had borrowed this earring organizer from a friend to see how well it would work for me. So far, so good. The little notches and holes are rather practical for different types of earrings. It helps me to see when I should be searching for a lost partner. If it continues to work, I will give it a face lift of paint and fabric and give it a permanent home.

Fav saying: Don't straighten the mess! You'll confuse me and screw up my world!

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andrea said...

all those colors look so pretty. my mother has the prettiest necklaces. all of her jewelry is cool and some of it is soo old too.