Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Check, Check,check-check

Hi y'all, allow me to introduce myself...it has been a few days since my last post. The whirlwind of busy stuff is settling, so here is the low down. It started here when I just wanted a little redo....Okay...a huge redo in my workroom. Cabinets on one side of the room are now on the other side and what was up, is now down. It's amazing, but all this stuff finally found a home and only a few things are still in limbo. Then I spy this little cabinet of baskets which I have used forever and have completely overlooked for a redo. Sometimes, we just get so used to seeing the same ole thing and forget to give it a new look. Well, whip out those paints and brushes and ignore the huge mess in my workroom. I just move to the dining room table where tranquility reigns!
A couple of coats of paint later and it already looks better! I have always intended to sew up some little liners for the baskets. Perhaps I'll get that done now. Now, that's done and I get back to my workroom disaster. It is still being fine-tuned and I will post a pic of the finished room in a few days. Then, it will be time to paint all the walls in that room and I can just do it all over again. So, perhaps this is only a practice for having an organized space.
While the workroom is getting settled back into place, a few projects are collecting on my calendar. We begin with a cowboy bedroll for the little tikes. These are so cute and I hope to have a professional photo of this soon in an authentic setting.
Then throw in some sequins and rhinestones needing a re-make. This one is on the table now and will have a lace up back instead of a zipper.

This purse came together with some pieces of fabric that I love. When they don't fit anywhere in your home decor...Just make a purse gals!
A couple of things escaped the camera lense and have been delivered. I just love to make a big ole check mark on my to-do list when a job is DONE!!! Yeah! As fast as I get to check them off, I acquire another 'to-do'. I love it that friends call me for work to be done and all the people they refer my direction. I send a big THANKS to all of you. I really appreciate your confidence. Well, it's back to my sweatshop workroom so I can make another big ole check mark!!

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kari and kijsa said...

Great job on the furniture re-do-
Love looking around and seeing things differently!!
kari & kijsa