Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cooking Experiments

My friend Cindy and I were yammering on the tellie while I was cooking this afternoon. She insisted that I take pics. So funny of her, well here is my stab at photo-cooking. I now know I probably don't have a future as a food stylist, first I can't imagine 'styling' the food and second, I'd eat the props!

I have always loved to try out new recipes since forever. I have to cull quite a few, but once in a while a real winner comes along. I found this winner at Cherry Hill Cottage. It is a Chicken Pot Pie that is actually easy peasy and delish!!

I loved it because it didn't take a ton of ingredients. I had nearly everything already in my cupboards.

As you can see this thing is about to overflow and I haven't even put the topping on it. I divided it between 2 casseroles to make this more manageable.Now, whip up the Bisquick topping with no less than a full stick of butter!! Yum, no wonder it's so tasty.

Voila! A masterpiece. You can grab the recipe here. It's worth the trip across blog land. Bon Apetit!


Cindy said...

Thanks for posting the pics and the recipe! I love a recipe that includes bisquick. :)

Shop Without Money Sisters said...

Pictures look're right, it must take a real talent to "style" food!