Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yeah for Upgrade!!

Shopping list in hand I make a trek to Big City to check a few things off. The top of the list is a new web cam, because you can apparently wear them out? Or maybe I just had too many days of no makeup and hair askew with a clippy.
WELL....DH decided to tag along and boy does that change the shopping program. First, I make a bee line to the proper dept. and decide the least expensive web cam is perfectly fine. Since, I know there are many more scary hair days ahead and that is apparently what is breaking this electronic device. DH is all about UPGRADE! Well, to make a long scenario much shorter, we manage to make it out of that dept. with the original selection. A first ever and I am feeling very smug to have saved a few $$$$. Ha Ha Ha Ha..........
Do you relate to my hysterical laughing? Get the BIG Picture now? We obviously didn't make it past the TV dept. and that wasn't even on our way out of the Big Box store!! How did this happen? Well, I confess that I do like the larger screen and it fits perfectly in the space allotted. I had discussed the option of changing the big honkin stereo speakers to a smaller size that would fit the space better when completed.....Well.....
Boy! I got smaller alright! These 2 little babies put out the sound. WooHoo. Yeah for upgrades!
These were not planned purchases and the item hadn't even been brought up in ANY conversation ever. DH is serious impulse buyer, ha ha. Now, I am still trying to figure out what was on that tv when I snapped that pic....looks like something from outer space.
Oh yeah, my new smaller and less expensive web cam works beautifully and great for family conversations.

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