Saturday, July 31, 2010

A continuation...

Surprise...I actually made it back the NEXT day as promised!  Shockers I know.  I am posting the final 6 pages of the baby book for your artistic endeavors.

hmmmmm, interesting page that I haven't noticed in any recent baby books in like....EVER!!

I appreciate this adorable page.  It could be used alone in so many different ways. 
I hope you enjoy these goodies and I'd love to see what you can create with them. 

I will soon post pics of a redo of my porch lamps.  HUGE change there and I have been enjoying painters freshening up the exterior of my home.  I love fresh paint!  Everything looks so fresh and new.  The front door color isn't perfect yet, but I intend to do some custom color mixology tomorrow and get the yellow school bus color toned down a bit.

Next week the roofers will install a new metal roof on my studio.  Recent monsoonal rains left me with a leaky roof and falling sheet rock.  Terrible mess and tons of water damage lead to a happy ending.  I get the new roof I prefer and my 'studio' will finally become just that....A STUDIO and not a total storage building.  WOOHOO!!

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T's Daily Treasures said...

These pages are so sweet. One of my best friend's is having her 7th child the end of September. Maybe I could make a special book for her. :) Will have to wait until I get back to Kuwait to even think about it. We are only in the States for one more week. Hope you are having a great weekend. :) Tammy