Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ATC’s , TAG’s, OMG

I discovered ATC's (artist trading cards) over a year ago and was hooked.  I love putting together mini art using all my mini scraps.  If I weren't an AVID crafter/artist, I'd be called a Hoarder.  I can't seem to toss even the teensiest bit of paper or trim!  That is when the ATC comes to my rescue.
The next issue at hand becomes WHERE to store all these little goodies that you have swapped with other AVID artists. 
I was inspired by this book…

2010 07 06_2121Created by Laverne Johnson.

It’s folded pages were the perfect solution to hold many papers.  So I commenced to folding and tearing and gluing to create this…


I added extra mini pockets to hold even more goodies.


I have adhered business cards and labels to the backside of the  pages so I have a crazy record of all my artsy friends out there.  Everyone who sees it admires all the works and flip through the pages so I would say mission accomplished.  I want to enjoy and be inspired by what others have created and shared and it’s just so convenient and cute!

I also recently surfed onto The Blissful ATC swap.  This looks like fun to me and had to join in.  Of course, it must be regarded as therapy for an AVID  hoarder  crafter so I may release all my bits and bobs into the world.  Hop on by and check it out.  You may get hooked also.

I’ve put together a few tags for a new swap using DOVE chocolate wrappers with the sayings on the inside.

2010 08 14_2409 2010 08 14_2411

They are still in the working stage, but I luv, luv, luv the COLORS.

Thanks for stopping by for a chit chat and I’ll check ya later alligator.


T's Daily Treasures said...

Great ATC's and love the way you have stored them. Much better than throwing everything into a drawer. What good would that be? I save every little bit and bob too and tell myself I gotta stop doing that. I can see you put your's to good use. Love those Dove chocolate tags (I even save stuff like that).

Have a fabulous day. Tammy

BLISS angels said...

Morning Terri,
Thank you for your idea on how the store ATC. I love it and I'm glad that you will be joining us in the next swap.... hugs Wendy

Linda said...

These look wonderful!!! Can't wait to get one.