Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Out on the Town

My Paper dolls finally left the homestead onto greener pastures.  I am not sure of their homes, but perhaps their new owners will send a howdy.  I am posting these for friends who were curious how I could stay up past midnight playing paper dolls.  Now you can see the obsession and I can’t wait to make up some new ones!


This is Babette  in her black lace and blue silk.  She was rockin’ the saloon scene with a flashy style.  All gals need some bling going on!


Cezette is Cirq de Soleil meets Wild West Show.  Jump in the wagon and go find Buffalo Bill.


Faynette is kickin up some more style in the wild west.  A little lace can go a long way.


Jozette traveled from back east somewhere.  Don’t you love a shot of coffee in your whiskey?  She wants to know and you can find her at the local saloon coffee bar.


Kozette is high fashion here to rock the frontier and she doesn’t have time for the ordinary brawl.  She’s here to wrangle her a man and Partayyyyyy!


Pippette can round up fun and cowboys.  Watch out her boots are walkin’ to town!


Quynette left the ranch to the dogies so watch out…spoilin’ is her game.


Suzette will ride a horse to save a cowboy.  Main street ain’t seen nothin yet.


Tynette wants to be a cowgirl and she got her boots today and is ready to kick em up.


Vonette is the last of my wranglers.  The ranch won’t be the same anymore.  Some classics just never go out of style.  Vonette has stayed here at the ranch with me for the time being.  She’d like to hear from her BFF’s and know where they ended up.

Now you know my newest addiction.  haha.  The swap hostess for our paper dolls was Laverne Johnson and Nancy Reeb.  They gifted us with this book of folded pages to hold all of our swap dolls.  I luuuuvvvvv it and all my gals (and guy) have a place to hang out.

book o gals

Thanks for your patience in this photo heavy post and my gals are glad to meet you.  By now, they’re already galavanting around somewhere and having a great visit also.


TheNormanFive said...

Your paper dolls look like so much fun.

jennifer said...

Jozette is loving life in Aledo,Texas with all her friends!!!I've been meaning to post pics of the dolls in their new home~ I'll try to post soon...
You did an amazing job on your paper dolls.... I love Jozette!
Thanks for all of your hard work,

Linda said...

I adore these dolls!