Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Napkins

Napkin Art Assortments for layering all over any project.  The Napkin Swap hosted by my sweet daughter really added to my stash of goodies.  With all this new variety, I can't wait to get the glue mediums out and start layering on a new art journal to hold my ATC's.
The presentation of such simple art items were quite fun and creative.  The hostess made tie-on napkin rings to bind all the napkins together and of course it was covered in napkins.
I love the subtle layer they can add to canvases......
...or to the pages of a journal layered over paint.
I used several to add interest to my tool kit that carries class supplies.
This close up shows how the white background napkins have a beautiful transparency quality.
Now that we all have expanded our art stash, all we need is to start applying them to a new surface.
Get Glueing Gals!!

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