Thursday, January 21, 2010

Plugging on..

My best intent to be a more attentive blogger got a bit sidelined this week.  I ended up in ER due to a minor major lack of breathing ability.  Asthma sucks and then throw in some bronchitis and pneumonia.  No panic now, 3 days of heavy meds and rest have done their job.  Phew!  What a week. 
This pic of the pitcher and candle are courtesy of my DH.  He was fascinated with the play of light and shadows happening on these 2 pieces.  He was quite funny the way he was suggesting the composure at this exact lighting moment and the contrast was very interesting.  "Just when you may feel like it...."  He had an urgency of the moment that I wasn't particularly feeling.  Well, of course, curiousity got the best of me and I drag myself up out of my recovery-mode chair and check it out.  It was a cool pic of a very old pitcher we had inherited from my husband's family.  I just never think to take photo's of these great objects.
Blog giveaway ends on Saturday the 23rd
I will perhaps be up to speed and helping a friend paint her living room.  I will hopefully remember to tug myself away and post the winner by noon.  Just leave a comment on that post and you will be entered.  Thanks to all my friends for all their support and well-wishes this week and always.


Janet said...

oh-no, so sorry you've haven't been feeling well and so glad you're on the mend! the pic is beautiful! take good care!

Ruby said...

Please take care! That can be sooo scary! Glad you're on the mend. Cool photo. Lovely pitcher and the photo just enhances it.