Thursday, January 28, 2010

Candlelight Crafting

...or perhaps the title should read....Desperate and Bored to Death Crafter!!  After 12 hrs. of no power in this winter storm, I resorted to collecting all my candles and mirrors. 
The mirrors were placed upright behind the votives to double my candlelight don't ya know.  Or, how to spend half as much time and get twice as much light.  Yes, lazy and inventive...that's me.  I set them up on my crafting space to do some paper and glue madness.  That was what I was feeling about that time.  Low and behold, just as I sat down...Voila (insert angels singing here)...the power came on!  Be still my happy heart.
I did a lot of this just to stay warm. 
Electricity is my friend and I really missed it today.  My DH often thinks my feet will be flaming as close as I stay to that fire, but it felt soooooo good on this snowy day.  I really appreciate the guys who worked out in this awful weather to restore things to normal.  My DH used to do that very thing before he retired and I know how hard it is on them.  Don't forget to let your power people know how much you appreciate their dedication in adverse conditions to make your life comfy.

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