Friday, January 29, 2010

Altered Ancestors

I've been working on a paint project that is interesting.  I decided to present my family ancestry in a new way.  I am collaging their photos and hints of their history in ephemera and other goodies.  I want to look at them every day and not just once in a while.  So, I sat down and got started.  I first layered about 8 layers of Gesso to prep the canvas and throw in a little sanding to give a good basecoat.  Pick out a couple of really fun colors and slap them around to create a festive background.  This isn't really going to be visible so don't fret too much about your color choices....Just pick your fav colors.

This is a collection of pics from my great-grandparents.  He farmed a hundred acres in Oklahoma.  My Great Grandfather passed away when I was young, but I knew my Grannie very well.  We always had great fun playing Croquet in the backyard.  She loved to fish and pick blackberries.  I just remember how hot and sweaty it was while I helped her!
Then I prepped a second canvas and did a grouping of my ancestors on my father's side of the family.  I was relieved to see the hair on my Great-great Grandfather!  Now I know why my hair goes 'Irish' and totally out of control.  These are still in the process of finishing and I am known to keep adding things months later.  So, all of them will be works in progress for a while. 
I have 2 more canvases on the table right now and are much smaller.  I have to think a bit harder about what I want to place where and what to add to tell the story of my family.  Sheesh, That is the really hard part....Thinking!!!


Ruby said...

Great start you have going there. Thinking is sometimes ALL I do. So sad. I think this is a grand idea and you are working it out wonderfully.

Janet said...

what a precious idea! did a post about my WIN! thanks again!