Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fabric everywhere

I miss all my buds out there. I haven't had much time to even lurk around . haha. I'm not complainin' mind ya, but....wowza....It's crazy here in my workroom. I am surrounded with a lot of this brown nylon chiffon while I make pettiskirts for bridesmaids. I will hopefully supply pics of the wedding party later because these rockin' cowgirls are really gonna be cute.
In the meantime, I try to keep all the layers separated into their individual skirts prior to sewing all together. There are little stacks placed neatly.....Oh No, only in my dreams! They get stacked and piled anywhere within arms reach!

But, I must share the happiness that Ms. Manni has this week. Another bit of gleam and fanciness adorned her figure. That girl just loves her rhinestones and sequins!
This is a sneak peek of the back of another lovely gown........
Our local Prom event will happen in the next week and I hope to have the full shots of the girls wearing their beautiful dresses. OK, Prom gals....that was my serious call for photos and all the scoop of the evening.
I'm sitting here with fabric staring me in the face wondering why I'm not in the sweatshop. Next, we have a parade of draperies and various window treatments for no less than 15 different windows. I'm smilin' here and just drop by for a chit-chat anytime y'all.


Cindy said...

Can't wait to see the cowgirls bridesmaids outfit.

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

that fabric for the bridesmaid dresses is GORGEOUS!!!
i call dibs on scraps.
LOL (just kidding - i'm sure you've already dreamed up what you're going to make with it!!)

see you SOON!
xoxo, jan