Thursday, March 26, 2009

snow in Spring?

Today, it is warm and comfy to finally be outside doing stuff. My quince has this one lonely little bloom. It has the confidence of spring around the corner. BUT.....not quite yet....Old Man Winter is about to make his (hopefully) LAST appearance tonight. We are to have snow and howling winds as this big cold blast hits Texas. The blizzard should stay just to our north and I am keeping my fingers crossed.
My lonely little quince and the optimistic apricot tree that is starting to bloom may not be so perky tomorrow.
As I looked to the north this evening, I could see the dark grey skies of very cold weather headed our way. That is the advantage of this very flat land of ours...we can see to the Dakota's and beyond! Brrrrr...that sky makes me cold even now.
I have covered all my asparagus with an assortment of buckets turned over to shield their yummy goodness. I hope they survive. We've done what we can and will just hunker down. Check back tomorrow for the flip side.

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