Friday, March 6, 2009

Challenge Horror Show

I am just browsing along and minding my own business...then there it is! A Challenge! Okay, I could just click on by, but this intrigues me. the Polka Dot Barn had a photo challenge posted. I am not one to shirk a challenge lightly. After all, that is how I jumped off the high dive board at the swimming pool for the first time. That is only one challenge among many that I actually survived to tell about. Now, get off that terrifying, I go searching for the correct picture. OMG! Another terrifying flash-back!!! Here it is in all it's horror.....
Yeppers! I burned up my kitchen in November 2007. What a horrible day that was. It was not my preferred way of getting out of holiday cooking. But, this too shall pass, and now I have everything back in order and working as efficiently as ever. The new range and MW were a very nice bonus gift though.

So, If you do accept this challenge,

1. Go to the photo folder in your computer.

2. Go to the seventh folder of photos.

3. Go to the seventh picture.

4. Put the picture on your blog along with a description of it.

5. Invite seven friends to join the challenge.

I hope you have a fun flashback.
I had last posted items I was working on these past few days. I finished one last evening. I had removed the zipper and replaced it with a lace up back. There wasn't any extra fabric in the seam area to give any extra inches so this was our only solution.
Here's a shot of the front for the curious lookers. It is really a pretty dress that looks much better on the young lady than it does on Ms. Manni.Ms. Manni is now in her busy season of the year....PROM TIME! This gal just loves a great dress and the more sequins and rhinestones....THE BETTER. She just acquired a new modeling job this evening and she is so excited to give you a sneak peek. More to come later on this one.

The sooner I get to ripping seams, the faster I can get back to junkin' and paintin'.

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