Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year!
Chester is a lesson to learn from, just take it easy and pull up a shoe for a pillow. This is pretty much how it looked around our house today when we weren't watching football games. My sweat shop is open and the sewing machine is humming again. Ahhhh, the sound of a breaking needle!
I am hoping for a beautiful day tomorrow and put away my Christmas. Don't ya just want to scrub the house from top to bottom after the holidays? My mind says YES, my body says WHATEVER!! We'll see who wins out in the next week. This is always my 'spring' cleaning time of year and it really energizes me.
Busy, busy, busy....I think I'm going to find a shoe for a pillow.
And a special thought for my dear S-I-L....
.When you're pushing 50, that's exercise enough!!

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