Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Flyin High in Texas

Nope, I wasn't jumping off the roof of my house for a thrill.

But, imagine doing a parachute jump to start the New Year!

Well, let's just give a big YeeHaw to my brave girlfriend, Heloise,

who did that very thing!

Photo courtesy of Kin Man Hut-/Express News

Of course, a gal can't pass up a fashion-worthy moment of suiting up and jumping with the Army's Golden Knights. Who gets to do that at the 'drop' of a chute....sorry for the pun. That was bad... (smiling with a suspicious glint in the eye).

photo courtesy of David Evans

A mission accomplished in the list of exciting things to do and a great start for 2009! That looked like great fun, but I am also content just to wave from the ground and enjoy the photos. Now, inquiring minds want to know what your thoughts were as you exited the plane and on the drift towards the earth? Tell us more and maybe a few hints on keeping it together and not screaming like a banshee all the way to the ground. I am thinking of my own personal reaction of course.

photo courtesy of David Evans

Happy Soft AND Stand up Landings as we say in Hot Air Ballooning and it applies just as appropriately in parachuting adventures.

Check out for more pics and grab a few hints while you're there!!

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