Saturday, January 3, 2009

Whoa down there 2009!

It seems just yesterday was New Year's Day and already it's flying by! OK, that's an extreme exageration. I'll be saying that in a few months anyway. I already need more hours in each of these past days. My work /cutting table is out of control with all the sewing that is going on this week.
This is actually a large space to work on. I had padded it to also be an ironing surface for larger projects. But, alas, I am left with the smallest possible corner to cut out all these pieces and I'm ironing pieces on a small quilting press pad next to my sewing machine. Go figure! Isn't that how it always works out?
In a couple of days, I hope to have all of this IN CONTROL and organized as finished projects. I will share that pic in victory and celebration of Mission Accomplished.
Doesn't that smile just make you want to giggle with joy? Sigh....She obviously got a visit from Santa. She is so far away, but the photos help close the miles between us. Hmmmm, where are some pics of my son in Afghanistan? hint, hint to him to send a pic.
A sidenote on all the kittens and the momma cat - They all have homes in other parts of the area. We helped them pack their little suitcases and went over the travel plans and said our good-byes. (wiping a tear) Maybe we'll get a postcard later.
I hear the chaos calling and I must abide and get that machine to humming again.

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andrea said...

jeez, mom. you are so busy with every little thing and you still find time to download pics and update your blog. i don't know that i could keep up with you day after day. i love you. so glad i have you.
i used the sheets you sent me--i put them on my bed last night and they smell like your house. so fresh. awwww. i miss my mommy.